Lauren Boebert Snaps & Goes Full Racist During Fox News Interview


During an appearance this weekend on Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News program, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) embarrassed herself with a cascade of racism and lies. She claimed, for instance, that Democrats are after “open borders” and “closed schools,” which is just a lie. She is a liar — Democrats do not want any immigration policy that could reasonably be called open borders, and President Joe Biden himself has reiterated his commitment to getting schools safely reopened amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boebert commented as follows:

‘I knew that Congress was broken before I decided to run for office, but these people have lost their minds. It’s a real-life Twilight Zone in D.C. The Democrats want open borders but closed schools. They want to jail you for not wearing a mask but want to keep illegal aliens who are, I dunno, drunk driving, here in our country. They want a border wall to protect themselves and their D.C. offices but they won’t protect Americans with a southern border. Democrats’ priorities are obviously out-of-touch with the American people.’

Immigrants are not a threat. Watch Boebert’s comments below:

Boebert subsequently insisted that Representatives who believe in the imaginary precepts that she presented should be fired, meaning voted out, and then she complained about so-called cancel culture without a hint of awareness of the irony of her remarks. She ranted against cancel culture moments after demanding the so-called cancellation of her own political opponents. Present-day institutional Republican thought isn’t exactly intellectually rigorous, to say the least.

Boebert insisted that Democrats want to throw people in jail for refusing to wear a face mask, but this claim seems like a laughable apparent misrepresentation of reality. In one recent incident in Florida, a refusal to wear a mask was an inciting incident for an arrest — but, and this part is critical, Cindy Falco-DiCorrado was eventually arrested on a trespassing charge because she refused to leave the store where she made her petulant anti-mask stand. In another instance, a teenager was arrested after failing to wear a mask in school — but they were taken into custody because they violated a probation order that required good behavior, and other factors weighed in.

New Jersey state legislators introduced a bill that would have enacted jail time as a potential consequence of refusing to wear a face mask, but it’s unclear whether that effort went anywhere, and either way, trying to use the actions of state legislators in one state to characterize an entire national political party is ridiculous. A city called Del Mar, California, whose population is under 5,000, instituted possible jail time for refusing to wear masks, but the same idea applies here. Pretending like a city with under 5,000 people somehow represents an entire national political party is laughable.

Her masks claim wasn’t quite a straight-up lie, but it’s clear that Boebert doesn’t particularly care about truth.