Mississippi Governor Humiliates Himself During ‘NBC Sunday’ Debacle


There was a big box of stupid sitting on CNN’s Jake Tapper’s Face The Nation stoop. It came in the form of Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves. Just as the nation is glimpsing the end of the horrific coronavirus pandemic, Reeves decided to toss caution to the wind, literally, and he is not alone.

He decided on March 2 to throw open his state’s doors, put out the Dine-in-Now signs, and watch the people of his state toss their masks into the air, Associated Press (AP) reported. He said to Tapper, according to CNN:

‘The governor’s office is getting out of the business of telling people what they can and cannot do.’

The interesting thing about intentional ignorance is that people cling to it as if it was a life jacket instead of the concrete anchor ignorance truly is. Tapper tried to pry open Reeves’ mine just a little and warn him of the upcoming danger to the people he is supposed to be watching:

‘[P]eople will get sick and die.’

Reeves argued that he was merely “following the data.” Tapper tried again:

‘We know more people are likely to get sick and die without mask mandates and that is what the science says. Why is this a tradeoff you’re willing to make?’

No, the governor was not pleased at all, and he was sticking to his story. So intent was Reeves, he called Jake Tapper by the first name of MSNBC’s host of Meet The Press, Chuck (Todd). It seems that President Joe Biden accused the governor and Texas Governor Greg Abbott of Neanderthal thinking, and Reeves was trying to prove him right.

The president appeared frustrated over the two governor’s choices to halt mask mandates and other proven ways of interrupting the speed of the COVID-19 virus spread.

Reeves said:

‘Let’s talk a little bit more about the data. The fact is that at our peak, we had 1,450 Mississippians in hospital beds because of the virus. Today, that number is below 400. At our peak, we had 360 Mississippians in ICU beds. At this point that number is below 120. The fact is we have seen significantly reduced levels. and, oh, by the way, unlike President Biden who wants to insult Americans and insult Mississippians, I actually trust Mississippians to make good decisions.’

Next, the co-host asked Reeves whether he believed it was “a good idea for the residents of his state to continue wearing masks?”  Reeves responded in the affirmative:

‘If you have not received the vaccination and you’re going into a large crowd or if you’re going out to dinner, I strongly encourage Mississippians and people across the country to wear a mask because I believe that it does, in fact, reduce the ability of individuals to spread the virus. No question about that.’

Tapper pointed out:

‘Only about 9% of Mississippi residents have been fully vaccinated – 9%. The governor of neighboring Alabama, Republican Kay Ivey, is extending her mask mandate another month. Why not do the same thing so you can get more of your constituents vaccinated before relaxing your measures? We all want to go back to normal. The fear is if you do this, it will take longer to actually get back to normal.’

Reeves replied:

”Well, I should start by saying I love and appreciate Governor Ivey over in Alabama. She is a great friend of mine and has been for many, many years.

But when you look at the numbers in Mississippi, it doesn’t justify government intervention. It just simply does not. It doesn’t justify statewide mask mandates. You’ve made a very valid point earlier that statewide mask mandates have been in effect in our state over the last six months and we are not going back to that.’

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