Donald Trump Suffers Widespread Public Humiliation (Again)


Donald Trump is learning what all clowns know. Once the show is over, the memory of them is soon forgotten. He roared into New York expecting all the accolades he saw during his presidency. But was he ever wrong.

 With lawsuits flying all around him, the ex-president apparently did not understand that the presidency is a glass bowl. All of his warts and smirks were magnified 15 times the normal size. That which he buried under a shroud of gold and cheap glitz when he lived in New York, especially his alleged criminal behavior, has been on display for the whole world to see up close for five years.

The former president rolled up to Trump Tower in a black SUV just before 9:00 in the evening on Sunday. He must have looked left and right for the absent throngs. Instead, the double-impeached, not re-elected guy spied a single supporter across the street, The New York Post reported.

This supporter was there along with a few members of the press. The New York City police had taken down the barriers that blocked off the busy Manhattan street for four years. Trump was no longer king.

New Yorkers are fed up with his antics, his greed, how he made the city look bad. He was not well-liked before he ascended to the throne. Now, he is despised. Even Ivanka Trump is not welcome back to the high society place she worked so hard to achieve. Instead, she and her husband Jared Kushner slinked down to Florida to live in a home close to Mar-a-Lago.

Keep in mind that the Donald tried to withhold vaccine from New York City, because he considered it one of his enemies. He labeled it Democratic, which of course, is pretty extreme. People of all ilk, including many Republicans and Independents, live there, too.

Why did Trump make the voyage back home? Who knows. Born in Queens, he lived his entire life in New York. But he changed his residency to Mar-a-Lago after being angered by what he perceived as disloyal behavior. Never mind his alleged crimes.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has been investigating the ex’s business and personal dealings, according to The Guardian. The Manhattan district attorney has been doing the same.

Trump should have remembered, you can never go home again.

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