Protesters Greet Trump In Manhattan To Ruin His Homecoming


Although only one supporter met ex-President Donald Trump when he arrived back at his former New York City home on Sunday, a slightly larger group of anti-Trump protesters gathered outside of Trump Tower on the following day and demanded the former president’s arrest. Protesters gathered on Fifth Avenue outside of the building, where they held signs with messages including “Arrest Trump” and “Florida Man Go Home.” While in office, Trump formally changed his residence from New York City to Florida, where he has been staying at his company’s Mar-a-Lago resort since leaving the White House.

Check out footage of the Monday protests against Trump below:

Trump infamously claimed in the aftermath of his 2020 election loss that his defeat was the result of fraud, but in fact, his loss was the result of the fact that tens of millions of people wanted him out. Now, there are actually a couple of criminal investigations targeting Trump, including an investigation from Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Vance is investigating potential fraud at the Trump Organization, while Willis, whose jurisdiction is in the Atlanta area, is investigating efforts from Trump and his allies to overturn the Georgia presidential election results.

On Monday, outside of Trump Tower, demonstrators also had a large inflatable “caricature” of Trump, as the Daily Mail put it. The inflatable Trump image, which was set up right across the street from Trump Tower, depicted the former president in a rat-like form. Secret Service personnel and NYPD officers were on the scene surrounding Trump’s visit to New York City, although it’s unclear why the former president was even in the city in the first place.

Trump has not admitted that his 2020 election loss was legitimate, and Republicans have enabled his delusions. Trump reiterated his false belief that he was the rightful 2020 winner at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, which is a mainstream Republican event. Meanwhile, the outcomes of the criminal investigations targeting Trump — and whether or not the probes will culminate in any criminal charges — are not immediately clear.