40 House Republicans Finally Defect From Marjorie Green With Public Vote


The QAnon believer representative grates on the Democrats’ nerves as they disparage the Georgian’s gun-toting attitude. Much to our surprise, a significant number of Republicans find her annoying, too. Not only that, they have taken significant action against her.

President Joe Biden’s desperately-needed historic COVID-19 pandemic relief bill made its way to the last stop before reaching his desk in the Oval Office. Yet, Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) was gung ho to put a rod in its spokes. She made a motion to adjourn the House of Representatives. It appeared to be another Republican procedural delaying tactic.

But get this, a full 40 of her fellow Republicans voted against her motion. Last week,  half that number voted against her motion to halt the House’s business for the day.

House Republicans have been going against her and the leaders of their party. The no-voters anticipated that their numbers would simply increase as she plows on through, trying to force additional frivolous votes.

Now that Biden’s $1.9 trillion bill is approaching the home stretch, House members of the GOP have protested her useless votes. They indicated that Greene merely appeared in meetings and hearings simply to get attention and screw them up.

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has criticized her in the past. He told The Hill:

‘I’m just tired of it. We’re doing this every day, and there’s no point. So I’m just done playing.’

Her motion to adjourn early Wednesday failed. The roll call of votes was 149-235.  However, the majority of the Republicans still support her. Ever since the House relieved her of her committee assignments as punishment for circumventing the new metal detectors and very objectionable social media postings, she has not had much to do except cause trouble.

There were 11 Republicans who voted to strip her of her committees, according to NPR:

‘The Georgia freshman has come under fire in recent weeks for her history of trafficking in racism, anti-Semitism, and baseless conspiracy theories, along with her support for online comments encouraging violence against Democratic officials prior to taking office.’

In response, Greene claimed that she was just trying to prevent Congress from passing the president’s bill. The representative called Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill:

‘[A] massive woke progressive Democrat wish list.’

Apparently, the Georgia representative came to the House with a bullying approach. She warned her fellow Republicans that if they voted against her, they would be voting with the Democrats’ package.

Greene tweeted that the GOP “messaged” that President Biden’s effort was a “ridiculous bill:”

‘I just made a motion to adjourn to stop Congress from passing the $1.9 trillion dollar (sic) massive woke progressive Democrat wish list. The GOP has messaged against this ridiculous bill. We should do everything to stop it. Pay attention if Rs vote to adjourn. Or with the Dems.’

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After all the drama, Greene only managed to interrupt the relief bill’s progress for a mere 60+ minutes. The Democratically-held House passed it along a party-line vote. The Democrats’ plan was to send the historic relief bill to President Biden’s desk Wednesday afternoon.

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