Democrat Flips Seat After 120 Years Of GOP Rule


The Republicans’ biggest problem is that most of them assume their constituents are stupid. If not, they think the voters are apathetic. Naturally, that attitude is quite offensive. The GOP legislators actually believe that they can pay homage to a crude, dictatorial old man, and no one will notice. Even if every one of them voted against money and jobs for the regular Americans, the Republican lawmakers have imagined the voters will not get it. They are wrong, and here is proof.

Tuesday California voters won a special election and another seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley won over the Republican supervisor elected to Congress last year. The GOP has held that seat for 120 years, according to The Courthouse News.

Republicans outnumbered the Second District voters, but the Democrats were fired up and turned out in big numbers. A political scientist at Chapman University in Southern California, Fred Smoller, said:

‘Conventional wisdom would say there were too many Republican candidates who split the vote. I think there’s more to it than that. The county continues to shift. It’s no longer a red or blue county but a purple county.’

Tuesday’s victory also gave the Democrats a leg up in the 2022 midterm election. Republican Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett has to leave the Fifth District due to term limits:

‘That election could shift the board under a majority for Democrats.’

Foley tweeted that she was fired up and ready to go:

‘I’m so humbled by the support we received tonight and grateful for the confidence voters have placed in me. The challenges we face are serious, but I know that they are no match for the strength and resiliency of Orange County’s residents. I can’t wait to get to work.’

The strong woman adored by so many, Representative Katie Porter (D-CA), tweeted her support. She said she was proud of Foley:

‘I’m so delighted that Katrina Foley will be the first Democratic woman on the OC Board of Supervisors. I proudly helped campaign for Katrina, and I look forward to partnering with her on housing, education and job creation in our community.’

Orange County Democratic Party Chair Ada Briceño broke ground of her own as the “first immigrant and second Latina” to head the Orange County Democratic Party. She released a statement indicating that her party was shooting up for a broadly diverse population:

‘Voters overwhelmingly trust Mayor Katrina Foley to guide us through the pandemic. Veteran’s groups, teachers, nurses, hotel workers, paramedics and business owners stood together.’

Briceño continued:

‘because Mayor Foley finds common-sense solutions to get the work done. We look forward to her service on the Board of Supervisors.”’

Foley took 44.28 percent of the special election’s 96,000 votes, even though there were five contenders, according to The Orange County Registrar of Voters.

The Republican favorite, John Moorlach, came in second with 30.98 percent of the votes. This was his second recent loss, since state Senator Dave Min (D-CA) won against him in November.

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