Ratings Results For Biden’s 1st Speech Make Trump Look Unpopular


Donald Trump loudly and often proclaimed himself “ratings gold.” It appears he must have meant “fools gold,” because the new President Joe Biden just left him in the dust. Americans like him a whole lot more than they liked Donald Trump. President Biden fits our image of what a USA president should look, act, and sound like. His voice is even comforting. Likeability is an intangible, though. Never fear, there is evidence of how much his public likes him.


During 46’s first presidential primetime address, he leaped far ahead of Trump’s first address — by two million viewers.

The country is in the throes of a horrific coronavirus pandemic. But President Biden offers three precious gifts, hope, empathy, and honesty. As a result and according to The Deadline:

‘On ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, the Presidential Address to the Nation snared an audience of 18.2 million in fast affiliates. When you add in Univision numbers, that viewership rises to almost 20 million.

Biden continued in his less than talkative self but certainly presidential speech:

Or put this way, and this will sting a certain resident of Mar-a-Lago, that’s better than Donald Trump’s first primetime presidential address did on August 21, 2017. That speech on the ongoing war in Afghanistan drew under 18 million on the Big 4 with NBC logging 6.2 million viewers as the most watched net of the address.’

The hard network numbers place President Biden far above the former president. Across the networks, the numbers crushed Trump’s rating. Maybe, 45 is getting old.

People liked President Biden’s first address for its tone and positive outlook. After all, he told Americans we can get together for the Fourth of July. That is, if people will wear their masks, wash their hands, social distance, and get their vaccinations when they become available.

This solid man who represents our nation just signed The American Relief Plan which means desperately needed money in people’s pockets.

Of course, President Biden is very popular. We call that a straight shot from his honeymoon period, which most presidents enjoy, right to a popular presidency.

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