Military Veterans Release Video Clowning On Tucker Carlson


Following a recent on-air rant during an episode of his show about efforts to accommodate women in the U.S. military, the progressive veterans group known as VoteVets has released a hard-hitting new ad publicly humiliating Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The Fox host complained recently about operations changes like uniforms that can better accommodate pregnant women, whining that President Joe Biden supposedly hopes to make the military “more feminine, whatever feminine means anymore.” It’s worth noting that, besides the underlying ridiculousness of Carlson’s complaints, operations changes that the host complained about were initiated during the Trump era.

In their new ad, a VoteVets narrator says as follows:

‘Traitor Carlson’s got a thing about patriotic women. Appreciate the shout-out during Women’s History Month, but it’s not the first time he’s attacked women who serve. This is the U.S. military. The men and women who defend your freedom, something a prep school boy like you will never understand.’

The ad includes footage associated with Carlson’s stint on the television show Dancing with the Stars back in 2006, which Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) also referenced in her own public criticism of Carlson. Check out the ad below:

Carlson, as the VoteVets ad also referenced, has also targeted Duckworth. After Duckworth expressed an openness to hearing from those concerned about America’s Founders, Carlson freaked out and called the Senator — who is a veteran and lost both of her legs while serving overseas — a “coward” and “fraud,” which is still stunning all these months later. Carlson is an elite and self-serving opinion show host whose own network won a court case over some of his remarks after insisting that no “reasonable” viewer takes his show as a serious presentation of facts. Duckworth is a veteran who now serves on behalf of the people of Illinois, defending their interests.

Carlson has also faced criticism from prominent figures within the U.S. military itself. Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston, for instance, insisted that Carlson’s comments “don’t reflect our values,” and Defense Department spokesperson John Kirby said that they’re “absolutely” not going to “take personnel advice from a talk show host.” Carlson hasn’t backed down, instead opting to continue his disgraceful career as a willfully ignorant national humiliation.