Pelosi Puts GOP Traitors On Notice During ‘ABC Sunday’ Appearance


Not a single Republican in Congress voted for the recently enacted COVID-19 economic relief package, despite the high levels of support for the legislation among the general public. In a recent Morning Consult survey, a full 75 percent of overall respondents, including plenty of Republicans, indicated that they supported the legislation, and the poll was not an outlier. Similar numbers have appeared elsewhere. During an appearance over the weekend on ABC’s This Week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) dismantled arguments from Congressional Republicans about the bill.

Pelosi reminded viewers that the relief legislation does, in fact, have broad support across the country. She commented, in part, as follows:

‘The fact is that it’s strongly bipartisan across the country — it’s only in the Congress of the United States where the Republicans have refused to meet the needs of the American people… You can be sure that all of their states and communities will be benefiting from this, and they won’t be complaining about it back home. But let’s just be on the positive side of it — this is pretty exciting. As I said, it’s a momentous day. This is transformative. 50 percent of children in poverty will be taken off of poverty… It’s what we needed to do.’

Watch below:

An expansion of the child tax credit will address child poverty along the lines that Pelosi described. In February, nationwide unemployment remained higher than pre-pandemic levels, and on the flip side, nationwide non-farm payroll employment remained significantly lower than its pre-pandemic level. In other words, the unemployment rate didn’t change because of shifts in the labor force — significant needs remain across the country.

Recently, Republicans in Congress have occupied themselves with frankly ridiculous antics that are a disgrace to the people of this country, including their own constituents. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) posted a video of himself reading the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham amidst nationwide conservative fury over the Seuss estate’s decision to end publication of a selection of Seuss books that contained racist imagery. The Seuss estate is a private entity, and Green Eggs and Ham wasn’t even one of the discontinued books! Nevertheless, certain Republicans lost it.

The fact that they feel free to wind themselves up into a frenzy over children’s books aptly depicts how grossly out-of-touch they are. Hundreds of thousands of Americans haven’t died over the past year because of “cancel culture,” as Republicans describe their foe –they’ve died because of COVID-19, which Republicans seem ready to ignore.