Judge Orders Republicans To Pay For Bogus 2020 Election Lawsuits


The not-so-grand old Republican Party appears to be melting before our very eyes. But it is not the bucket of water thrown on it that is at fault. No, its members have been self-destructing. Look at this.

In Arizona, the state Senate subpoenaed Maricopa County to hand over two million voting ballots, according to The Arizona Central. They were determined to prove the big lie true, that the former White House resident had won the 2020 election. It is a shame that they have not stopped to look in the political mirror occasionally.

The GOP must not know how desperate their floundering around trying to hinder President Joe Biden has become. The more they do along this line, the more public their self-destructive antics are.

Maricopa County had already gone to serious efforts to remain thorough by performing two recounts, even handing-counting the ballots. The auditing firm that the state Senate hired, of course, was linked to Donald Trump. And no surprise here, it is in some legal troubles of its own.

It took 73 pallets with a million votes each to move the ballots to the Arizona Senate. The Republicans got what they wished for, but appeared a bit stunned at the magnitude of the ballots.

Arizona has seen a rise in Stop-the-Steal protests and a resurgence of lawsuits. During the initial count, these extreme-right protesters took the issue further by protesting outside of Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ home and harassing election workers.

Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) stood and announced his distrust of his state’s electoral vote count. He has continued to do so.

Arizona Central announced on Tuesday that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Hanna had ordered the Arizona Republican Party and its attorneys to pay the Arizona secretary of state’s office $18,000 for court costs. The lawsuit was frivolous. The judge referred to it as “groundless [and] disingenuous:”

‘The plaintiff’s lawsuit was groundless because the relief sought was not legally available from the parties that were sued at the time the suit was filed. The other parties pointed out these procedural defects in their motions to dismiss, but the plaintiff’s response to the motions barely addressed them. The response to the fee application mostly continues to brush them aside even though they were the basis of the dismissal order. The plaintiff focuses instead on what section 16- 602 says about hand count audit procedures, on the reasons for the hasty filing of the complaint, and on perceived public concerns about the election’s “integrity” or “legitimacy.” None of that addresses the viability of the actual claims.’

The judge indicated that the party had acted in “bad faith” when it doubted the voting machines’ audit. He indicated that this was simply a tactic to delay President Biden’s election certification.

Hobbs reported that her office spent $152,000 for court costs, according to The Courthouse News:

‘[But it was a message] to those willing to abuse the legal process for political purposes.’

The Republican Party’s attorneys claimed that the recount was important, because otherwise, the “legitimacy” of the win would remain in question. Hannah called the attorneys on their issues, noting that it was their attempts at discrediting Arizona’s election that “cast false shadows on the election’s legitimacy.”

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