Trump Tower Caught Diverting Vaccines For Staff Ahead Of Allowed Slot


The depth of the Donald Trump machine’s corruption is truly beyond imagination. Even though he left office almost two months ago, he still has proxies at work from his den of iniquity. Most recently, they have been discharged to Chicago.

Trump Tower, which contains luxury condos and hotel rooms, along with food and other services. An employee, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, told one of the residents that the staff who wanted to be vaccinated against the coronavirus could be inoculated. It appears that a coronavirus vaccination provider showed up at Trump Tower for a staff event provided by the tower’s management.

The tower resident called to report the incident to the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health Dr. Allison Arwady. She sent the email from the resident to her staff with dispatch. Dr. Arwady said:

‘Pushing the vaccine in that way is not just the right thing to do for equity, it is also the thing that lowers everybody’s risk for COVID in Chicago.’

The Block Club Chicago, an independent news organization verified the event through multiple sources. Neither the staff nor the residents qualified for vaccinations unless they met the city’s or state’s eligibility criteria, 65-year-old and over or “frontline workers regularly exposed to COVID-19 since the supply of doses is so low.” These individuals have proven to be “most at risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19.”

In late February thousands of the vaccinations slotted for Chicago were delayed, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The Trump crew tried to slide their corruption under the door of Chicago’s Protect Chicago Plus campaign. According to the Chicago Department of Public Health, no such event had been planned at the Trump Tower.

It appears that the campaign has targeted residents of 15 communities on Chicago’s South and West sides. These areas have been hit the hardest in the coronavirus pandemic. The Trump Tower is located at 401 North Wabash Avenue, in the Downtown area. That is nowhere near one of the 15 covered communities.


At this time, even those who are qualified to receive the coronavirus vaccinations in Chicago still encounter difficulties trying to schedule an appointment:

‘Just one in six Chicagoans had received their first dose as of Friday.’

A Department of Public Health spokesperson contacted Trump Tower management to ascertain how this happened:

‘We’re looking into it. I will say the Protect Chicago Plus program is intended for those designated communities, so we will be looking to find out what happened.’

Upon investigation, a significant number of the tower’s hotel and residence sides said yes, they had been vaccinated over a period of the previous few months.

A group of younger employees told the resident that they had been invited to the March 10 vaccination event. One of those vaccinated worked in a tower resident. All the vaccinations were administered on Trump property.

One of Chicago’s Health Department employees responded that the health department was not aware of this onsite vaccination event. In addition, these employees could not receive prioritization until Chicago moved into the 1C phase. That would not occur until “the end of March.”

Block Club Chicago obtained a document written by a Trump Tower official. It indicated that the tower had been contacted by a medical facility in the Protect Chicago Plus network contacted them.

Granted, those who work in hotels face exposure from individuals who travel “nationally and internationally.” A Trump Tower executive wrote:

‘[They were] not certain of the logistics of how Chicago Plus operates/reports.’

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