Biden’s Agenda Approval Flies Past 70% As GOP Implosion Accelerates


An overwhelming majority of Americans support the COVID-19 economic relief package that President Joe Biden recently signed into law, according to a new POLITICO/ Morning Consult survey. A full 72 percent of overall respondents indicated that they support the relief legislation, while merely 21 percent of overall respondents said that they oppose it. The legislation is wide-reaching — its provisions include direct stimulus checks to millions of Americans, an extension of unemployment benefits, an expanded child tax credit, and more. Once implemented, that child tax credit will be available as a periodic payout to parents and is poised to help bring millions of children out of poverty.

Notably, Biden himself also received high levels of support. A full 62 percent of respondents said that they approved of the job that he is doing as president, while only 34 percent said that they disapproved. Trump never even hit 50 percent approval in the weighted FiveThirtyEight average of approval polls from his term.

Meanwhile, John Leer, who works as an economist for Morning Consult, commented as follows:

‘The broad-based, bipartisan support for stimulus checks is evidence of the broad awareness that many Americans need a lifeline right now. It’s no surprise the extension of unemployment benefits is also extremely popular: Americans acknowledge unemployed workers deserve additional financial support until job growth resumes.’

In the POLITICO/ Morning Consult poll, a full 69 percent of independent respondents said that they support the relief legislation, and 44 percent of Republicans indicated that they’re in favor of the relief. That’s almost a majority of Republicans! A full 48 percent of Republican respondents indicated that they opposed the relief legislation, but that’s barely off from the level of support, marking an almost even split among Republicans. Respondents were asked whether they were in favor of or opposed to “the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that President Biden signed into law.”

The Biden administration is rolling out a “Help Is Here” tour to promote the relief legislation, including events around the nation. Despite the high levels of support for the relief among the general public, not a single Republican in Congress voted in favor of the plan — although that didn’t stop Republican Sen. Roger Wicker (Miss.) from glibly touting provisions of the relief that he voted against anyway! Broadly, Republicans in Congress have attempted to depict the spending as wasteful. If they’re so convinced of this supposed wastefulness, then maybe they should go visit someone who doesn’t have enough to eat and can’t find a job and tell them “better luck next time!”