Marjorie Greene Gets Gaveled Off House Floor After Idiotic Meltdown


On Wednesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) reminded observers that she’s a willfully ignorant liar, although that wasn’t her stated intention. She spoke on the House floor — and was eventually gaveled down, once she went over her allotted time — about her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment and prospective protections for transgender individuals. Although the Republican Party has repeatedly defined itself by opposition to basic scientific findings on subjects from COVID-19 to climate change, in this context, Greene claims to have science on her side in her anti-transgender crusade… but she’s not in touch with the facts.

“Science,” unlike Greene’s claims, recognizes the fact that human identity is more complicated than “pink vs. blue,” and frankly, this concept isn’t difficult. Greene’s ignorance, however, didn’t stop there — she also claimed that the U.S. has “murdered” over 62 million “people in the womb,” which is, to say the least, not an accurate description of abortion, which she was discussing. Claiming that human life begins at conception is not “science” — it’s ideology, and it’s difficult at best to have even a basic discussion with people like Greene about serious topics when they’re spouting off such glaring ignorance.

Greene commented as follows:

‘The language of the Equal Rights Amendment is simple, but don’t be deceived by its simple language. The reviving of the deadline and ratifying of this amendment would destroy all distinctions between men and women, enshrine abortion, and empower the woke feminist mob. The Equal Rights Amendment is dead and should remain dead… Have we not murdered enough people in the womb in this country? Over 62 million?.. If anything, we should be guaranteeing Constitutional rights to people in the womb.’

How on earth is ranting against “feminism” still a thing? Greene subsequently claimed that Democrats have somehow transformed the Violence Against Women Act into a “political weapon that… destroys all religious freedom.” Greene added as follows:

‘On the wall right here, it says, “In God we trust.” God states that he created male and female, not a plethora of genders that anyone can choose from.’

In fact, some religious people are accepting of LGBTQ folks, so she’s not even on-the-mark within her grossly irrelevant frame of reference.

The Congresswoman subsequently added that Democrats want “men calling themselves women” to “sleep with women in domestic abuse shelters.” Her rhetoric crudely references attempted protections for transgender women, who have repeatedly faced threatening violence.

Greene added that “science says there’s only two genders, male and female, according to the chromosomes” which is just not accurate. If we’re going by the chromosomes, then there are more than two options right there! Chromosomal differences appear in intersex people, and Greene can’t whisk intersex people out of existence by insisting that “science says” otherwise. Besides, chromosomes are traditionally tied to sex, and the difference between biological sex and the social construct of gender isn’t difficult.

Watch Greene’s comments below: