Mike Pompeo Put Under Investigation Over Raiding Of Emergency Fund


Donald Trump could be sitting at the table in a dark castle with candles burning, each in front of one of his minions. Rudy Giuliani’s chair is empty. He was caught working with a Russian operative on behalf of his boss. Mike Pompeo sits next to the old New York mayor’s chair. The former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo looks scared, and he should.

Pompeo raided tax-payers’ money from the emergency State Department fund, known as the K Fund, to throw expensive political parties on his own behalf. He may still have visions of running for president. Too bad.

CREW, a nonprofit ethics organization, has sued the State Department and the State Department Office of Inspector General. It alleges both failed to show how the Emergencies in the Diplomatic and Consular Services appropriation or K Fund monies were spent. The Inspector General also failed to provide its records into the investigation into Pompeo:

‘[The K Fund is] used to meet unforeseen emergency requirements in the conduct of foreign affairs, including evacuations of personnel and their families overseas [and] urgent medical and travel expenses related to natural disasters or terrorist incidents; and other authorized activities that further the realization of foreign policy objectives.’

Pompeo bankrolled over-the-top events that he called his “Madison Dinners.” Trump fired the Inspector General before the investigation into Pompeo’s misuse of funds could be completed.

CREW learned most of the former secretary of state’s guests were not even diplomats or foreign officials. Instead, they were from the media and big Republican donors. Pompeo’s expenditures were completely outrageous:

‘[He spent] $10,000 just for 400 engraved pens as party favors for guests and more than $40,000 on the dinners generally. In addition to the lavish nature of these events, the dinners gained notoriety after reports indicated that only 14% of guests invited were diplomats or foreign officials.’

Earlier CREW had asked for the K Fund audit records, which the State Department should have had to provide. However, none has appeared yet.

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