Kushner Implicated In Suspicious Pipeline To Get Pardon From Trump


A unique group of criminals had access to Donald Trump. Two Orthodox Jewish organizations won pardons for the men’s white-collar crimes. Apparently, these guys were not among the ex-president’s “enemies.” Take a look at their recently unearthed pardons.

One of the convicted criminals hacked into the computer systems of his business competitors. A second one “bribed doctors to win referrals for his nursing homes,” according to The New York Times.

Then, there was the guy who stole $450 million from an insurance company, was caught, then he jumped bail. Let us not forget the criminal who ran a Ponzi scheme that syphoned off money from a synagogue, leaving it in foreclosure, Eliyahu Weinstein.

All of these men won pardons from Trump. So, what did they have in common? During its investigation, the New York Times discovered a link that pointed an arrow straight at Kushner.

An unorganized group of “lawyers, lobbyists, activists, and Orthodox Jewish leaders” knew him socially, politically, or financially. The former first son-in-law intervened on their behalf:

‘But once you turn from helping people who need help to helping people who have proven themselves unworthy of help, you are no longer a public service, but rather an instrument that enables wrongdoing.’

Rabbi Sholom Lipskar released a statement about an organization that helps prisoners, Aleph:

‘Over the course of 40 years, Aleph has served as a lifeline for more than 30,000 people — the vast majority of whom are indigent — through dozens of [free] programs’

New Jersey litigator Ari Weisbrot said that Aleph’s “humanitarian work” in prisons was left wanting after it helped Weinstein. Weisbrot said:

‘I have dealt with groups like Aleph in other situations where they have been amazing and unbelievably helpful.’

Two important Jewish organizations worked with criminal justice, the Aleph Institute and Tzedek Association. Among the attorneys who contacted Kushner was Alan Dershowitz, a familiar name. He worked on the Trump impeachment trial.

A second attorney was the former U.S. attorney for Utah Brett Tolman, and then there was Republican operative Nick Muzin. Taken all together, they earned outstanding success at winning pardons.

Trump pardoned and commuted the sentences of 238 people. A full 27 of them went to those who worked with Aleph, Tzedek, or the lawyers and lobbyists among the organizations.

A minimum of one-quarter of those individuals had already been “denied clemency through the official Justice Department process during the Obama administration.”

Four who received clemency or their families had contributed to Aleph. Then, there were those whose friends or supporters hired Dershowitz. Tolman and Muzin frequently worked in tandem with Aleph and Tzedek, all prior to going to Kushner.

So, what is Kushner up to these days? He is writing a book about how he saved America, according to The Vanity Fair:

‘[He] had his hand in virtually all matters that touched American life, from shutting down the government and furloughing thousands of federal workers in a failed attempt to get Nancy Pelosi to fund the Wall to cutting medical professionals out of the government’s pandemic response and trying to scare the virus off with his MBA. Not surprisingly, very few people want to hear from Kushner ever again. Unfortunately for such people, Kushner and his toilet-hoarding wife have reputations to launder, which is why the Boy Prince of New Jersey is apparently writing a memoir about his days in Washington that is sure to be equal parts “extremely boring” and “entirely fiction.”’

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