Trump Angrily Slams His Golf Club On The Ground During Temper Tantrum


Ex-President Donald Trump was caught on camera slamming a golf club into the ground in frustration during a Sunday round at his company’s golf course in Palm Beach. The course is in the vicinity of his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he has been staying since leaving the White House, and on Sunday, Trump was at the course with fellow golfers including pro player Bryson DeChambeau.

As summarized by the Daily Mail, which obtained photos and video footage from the scene, “Trump appeared in high spirits up for most of the outing – except at one point when he grew visibly frustrated at his performance.” At that point, Trump “was seen thrusting his club into the ground in an apparent fit of rage after a big swing in front of his buddies,” the publication added.

Click through on the post below to see images from the golf scene:

According to the Mail, Trump was also golfing on Saturday, when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) joined him. Despite previous opposition to Trump, Graham eventually became an ardent supporter of the globally disgraced former president, and he has mostly stuck by Trump in the aftermath of the former president’s resounding defeat last November. Graham publicly melted down over efforts from House members to pin blame on Trump for the rioting at the Capitol in January, despite the fact that Trump’s well-documented rhetoric clearly connects to the violence. Trump wrongly claimed that the 2020 presidential election was rigged — and his supporters marched to the Capitol in an attempt to forcibly stop the formal certification of the election results.

Trump adviser Jason Miller claimed during a weekend appearance on Fox that Trump will be unveiling his “own” social media platform in “about two or three months here.” It’s unclear what exact form that this prospective Trump-built social media platform would actually take. After the Capitol rioting, Trump was kicked off major social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. The sites said that they were concerned about Trump inciting even more violence via their services.