Trump Goes Full ‘Dr Suess’ During Delirious Monday Meltdown


It takes a special kind of gall for ex-President Donald Trump to complain about talk regarding Dr. Seuss when it’s his own supporters who have turned children’s books into some outlandish culture war flashpoint, but that’s exactly what Trump did during a phoned-in interview on Fox News this Monday. Recently, the Dr. Seuss estate decided to stop publishing certain books that contained racist imagery — this development was the decision of a private entity, and that could have been that, but Republican leaders absolutely lost it. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) even signed and sold copies of Dr. Seuss books!

Trump complained as follows, discussing the impact of “woke,” as conservatives put it, on the country:

‘They’re destroying it with woke. When China looks at woke and they see the biggest problem we have is Dr. Seuss — in the meantime, they’re building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways — they laugh at us; they think we’re so — frankly, they think our country is stupid when they look at us, when our competitors look at what’s going on in our country — taking down the statues to great heroes and so many other things.’

It’s worth noting — “woke” has roots in African-American Vernacular English (AAVE), as it’s known, which refers to a manner of speaking regularly employed by Black Americans. Left-wingers don’t exactly go around broadly trumpeting a hope for Americans to embrace so-called “woke-ism,” but Republicans keep freaking out and using the term as an existentially threatening boogeyman anyway. Their animosity towards the word “woke” seems like it has racist undertones.

Hear Trump below:

On Fox, Trump also denigrated migrants from Central America, who he characterized as prone to violence. As he put it:

‘They’re bringing the violence to our country, because many of the people coming are not non-violent people. They’re violent people — many of the people coming. These countries don’t send out their finest, and in some cases, I’m sure you have wonderful fine people, but you also have criminals, you have murderers, you have sex traffickers — you have a lot of very bad people coming into our country.’

Check out Trump’s rhetoric below:

Subsequently, Trump brazenly lied about the current situation at the southern border. He claimed that the Biden administration is “allowing everybody to walk through and just come in,” adding that authorities are supposedly “not taking anything” in terms of “information about the people.” These claims are unequivocal lies. Authorities are not allowing “everybody to walk through.” Trump is simultaneously so committed to his anti-immigrant animosity and so thoroughly disconnected from critical thinking regarding a sense of just basic reality that this conspiratorial nonsense is what he regularly pushes.

Check out his comments below: