Prosecutors Look Into Charging Giuliani With ‘False Statement’ Violations


Sidney Powell wins the best worst defense in recent years. Dominion Voting System sued the former Donald Trump attorney and conspiracy theorist for $1.3 billion on the charge of defamation. Her defense? She said that “no reasonable person” would have believed her statements were true, reported. In other words, we should have known she was lying. Then, there was this guy.

Dominion provided some of the voter election machinery, and Powell said that they flipped votes for the ex-president to votes for President Joe Biden. Apparently, words do matter after all. So do actions.

Georgia prosecutors have been looking into whether they can charge Trump’s last-known fixer Rudy Giuliani with “false statement” charges. The ex-president and his team tried in multiple ways to interfere with the state’s 2020 presidential election results, The Daily Beast reported.

Former violent crimes prosecutor in Augusta and adjunct law professor at the University of Georgia, Titus Nichols, agreed that false statement charges fell in line with the “spirit of the law:”

‘This is precisely to stop people from doing this stupid thing—it wastes the government’s time. When you start going deep into ridiculous theories, you cross that line from “I’m giving my opinion,” to ‘I’m purposely giving false information.”‘

Nichols indicated that the former New York City mayor and former U.S. Manhattan’s District Attorney would have been held to a higher standard. After all, he has been an attorney throughout his career, but New York may well disbar him.


Twice, Giuliani gave Georgia state legislators false evidence, a doctored video, and “wild allegations of a conspiracy theory to commit widespread election fraud.” During two of Trump’s phone calls to state legislators, the ex-president lied about votes being chucked out and suitcases loaded with Biden ballots being bundled into the election office.

Former DA and Director of the University of Georgia law school’s prosecutorial justice program nearly 20 years, Alan Cook said:

‘It would be highly unusual to use the false statement statutes in a circumstance like this. In 13 years as a prosecutor, I probably only used the statute a half dozen times. It’s typically used when state or local investigators are investigating a crime and they interview a witness who willfully and knowingly gives false information that misleads the investigators.’

‘It’s almost like when someone is selling you a car. They’re gonna say it’s a great car.’

Nichols continued pointed to Giuliani’s edited video “as fake evidence of a fake crime crosses that threshold:”

‘He knows that he’s lying when he says that. There are no secret ballots. That’s him presenting false information. And with him being an attorney, it’s even more clear that he’s lying. As a lawyer, you can’t just make up ridiculous theories.’

Trump personally called Georgia officials. One of them was Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The ex-president said he just needed to have one vote beyond President Biden’s 11,779 votes. He said:

‘So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.’

One of the attorneys on Trump’s legal team who was on the phone with Raffensperger, Cleta Mitchell, said:

‘I have nothing to say about it. I’ll deal with it at the appropriate time.’

Former District Attorney Kenneth Mauldin over Athens, Georgia, retired in 2020 after 20 years in office. He said:

‘I think it’s clearly going to be an uphill climb.’

That kind of behavior breaks federal law. Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder noted participating in the GA secretary of state’s call, “That one’s [sentence is] five years:”

‘As you listen to the tape consider this federal criminal statute.’

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