Attorney General & District Attorney Join Forces To Investigate Bannon


He is an unusual man, this CEO of the Donald Trump 201 campaign. Stephen Bannon frequently wears three shirts at a time and tried to turn an 800-year-old Italian monastery into a training camp for fascists, according to Reuters. That is until the Italians realized Bannon’s purpose and shut him down. He never quite fell out of Trump’s orbit, though, and that is quite unfortunate for him.

Reuters reported that Bannon lost his legal battle to set up a right-wing political academy:

‘The case has been in the Italian court system for years, with suits and counter-suits between the DHI on one side and the culture ministry, which owns the property on the other, along with a group of local environmental and civic organisations.’

Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Cyrus Vance (D) deputized New York State Attorney General (AG) Letitia James’ (D) investigators so that they could work as prosecutors in tandem with Vance. This investigation into Bannon kicked off in January of 2021 and is ongoing.

One person speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the continuing investigation said this about New York Attorney General James, The Washington Post reported:

‘The AG is working hand-in-hand with the DA’s office in leading this investigation has been looking at Bannon for a while.’

Although James has a soft voice, she carries a telephone- pole-sized stick, and woe to those who fall from her grace, such as Bannon. She promised to hold Trump and his buddies accountable for any and all crimes related to the New York state. In fact, she already sued the Trump administration several times regarding his policy choices and their impact on New Yorkers.

At this point, it is uncertain whether former strategist Bannon will be involved in the AG’s investigation or just federal crimes. He scammed donors who believed they were helping finance Trump’s wall construction along the U.S.’s southern border.

DA Vance indicted Bannon plus three others for the same allegations in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY). Vance alleged that Bannon stole one million dollars meant for the We Build The Wall campaign.

All of those Vance investigated claimed no wrongdoing. Thus far, they have not been charged. However, the ongoing federal case leaves open that option.

Trump pardoned Bannon clearing him of “offenses charged” plus those connected to them under a Department of Justice (DOJ) seal. Of course, presidential pardons do not extend to state charges:

‘Such collaboration between the attorney general and the district attorney is rare. As state attorney general, James has original jurisdiction over money laundering cases in New York, one person familiar with the collaboration between her office and Vance’s said, while the district attorney can prosecute any criminal offense suspected of occurring in Manhattan.’

‘It is possible Bannon could face criminal prosecution and potential civil action, although it is not clear whether such a consideration has been discussed.’

Attorney for Bannon, Robert Costello, did not respond to the Washington Post’s request for a comment. The spokespeople for Vance and for James declined to offer a comment.

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