Eric Trump Spazzes Out On TV Like A Boy With Daddy Issues


Eric Trump — a son of ex-President Donald Trump — has no formal political experience whatsoever, yet for some reason, Fox hosted him for commentary this weekend on the latest episode of Sunday Morning Futures with host Maria Bartiromo. While on the show, Eric offered some truly laughable claims — he insisted, for instance, that he personally “saw how much time and effort” that his father “put into the job,” which is wild. Donald’s obsessive television-watching, tweeting, and golfing weren’t secrets! His refusal to meaningfully engage with subject matter experts wasn’t a secret either!

As Eric put it:

‘I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, it’s heartbreaking to us — I saw how much time and effort my father put into the job. I mean, Biden saying: You know, well I’m not going to go down there because I don’t want to inconvenience the Secret Service, and then you look at Kamala Harris, who’s standing in front of literally Air Force Two in that last picture, where you’ve got the greatest ecosystem — you know how many times my father went down to the border? Because it’s a serious issue that plagues this country.’

It’s amazing that Eric somehow managed to make the discussion of immigration policy about his father on a personal level. There’s a very real issue playing out with the influxes of migrants — and Eric seems most concerned about the impact on his dad’s feelings… or something. The pathetic egotism is staggering.

Eric added the following:

‘My father had the issue fixed, and then you see them: We’re going to immediately stop the border wall construction!.. I just don’t understand it. My father had fixed this problem. Illegal immigration was not a problem anymore. That’s the most humane form of immigration, where you don’t have people making this dangerous trek and literally shows you what bad policy can do to a country in that in 90 days, in less than 90 days, literally, I mean — a system that was working and that was perfect and that was fixed turned to absolute junk… As a family member that saw how hard my father worked on that problem, it’s heartbreaking to me. It really is.’

Check out Eric’s comments below:

Reality check: towards the end of Trump’s time in office, the southern border was essentially completely closed to crossing migrants thanks to restrictions that the Trump administration imposed under the guise of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biden administration, once in power, exempted unaccompanied children from the order demanding expulsions of many arriving migrants. Did Eric expect these supposedly pandemic-tied restrictions to stay in place… forever? Pretending like “illegal immigration” was “fixed” is just a lie.

Subsequently, Eric claimed that his father’s supposedly outstanding handling of COVID-19 vaccine development “probably saved millions and millions of lives in this country” and “definitely saved tens of millions of lives around the world, because everybody’s taking our vaccines and everybody’s using them.” Again — the egotism is staggering. Eric was trying to convince Fox viewers that his father (at least helped) “save” millions and millions of people! If it walks like a cult and talks like a cult…