Video Of Trump Awkwardly Hijacking Wedding Speech Goes Viral


The bride and groom had a lovely wedding at a Florida resort, the water was blue, and the impromptu guest speaker was red. The tux’d up man jumped in on their special day and hogged the mic. Enough about you. Let us talk about me. Even for Donald Trump, this was bad.

After four months, the Donald still cannot accept the inevitable. He is a loser. The more he talks about not losing, the more attention he draws to the truth. Not only is he a sore loser, now he is a “belligerent wedding guest.”

The wedding couple should have considered their venue a little more carefully. After all, Mar-a-Lago houses an enraged caged man filled with pent-up tweets. TMZ calls it the “fortress of solitude.”

In the wedding video, Trump shows up all coiffed and dressed to the eights. He was supposed to say a few words, and that is where John and Megan Arrigo went wrong in the first place. Trump cannot say a few words any more than he can stop lying.

Worse, Trump basically said “Enough about you. Let’s talk about me.” And he was off, running around the same old track, so often repeated that he has worn a deep path in it.

He launched himself into politics, claiming the election was rigged against him. The ex-president went on and on and on about President Joe Biden’s White House. Clearly, the ex believes that he could have done these first two months better.

Never mind that Trump spent his last three months whining, laying about the White House eating Big Macs, and phoning people who might listen to his harangue.

The ex claimed that President Biden was mishandling the situation:

‘[F]oreign policy/deals with China and Iran … plus, Trump goes in on the border situation which is now drawing national attention.’

Clearly, Trump was trying to convince his audience aka the wedding guests that pulling nursing infants from their mothers’ arms and caging toddlers was best. He claims that his way was far more humane than President Biden’s attempts to manage thousands of children coming across the border alone.

Of course, he neglects to mention that many of the families waiting at the border came during his tenure. The border is still not open to adults. And oh yes, Trump had his people dismantling the border system so that President Biden had to start not from zero but negative zero.

Trump, such a rich victim. So unattractive.

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