Dominion Hires Legal All-Star Team To Fight Trump’s Goons


One of Donald Trump’s central political strategies have been to create trigger words, or words that instantly rile up his supporters because he’s used them often as code for other things. For instance, “Peter Strzok” meant FBI corruption in the Russia probe, “fake news” meant media corruption, and “deep state” meant corruption within the Democratic party. Toward the end of his presidency, after it was clear he had lost the 2020 election by a significant percentage of the vote to Joe Biden, “Dominion” meant corruption in the democratic system itself.

Trump’s associates – Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, Newsmax, One America News Network, and Lin Wood, among others – were happy to turn the word “Dominion” into something sinister and part of a larger conspiracy to control the entire world. As it turns out, people don’t like to be lied about, particularly when those lies cost the victims a lot of money. Dominion Voting Systems is now suing the lot of them and acquiring a powerful, aggressive, high profile team for those lawsuits.

According to The Daily Beast:

‘Clare Locke—the legal firm spearheading Dominion’s lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and pillow magnate Mike Lindell—recently brought in seven attorneys from the Texas-based firm of Susman Godfrey, which has experience litigating against the so-called “Kraken” suits filed by one-time Trump attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.’

Fox News personalities like Maria Baritoromo propagated those slanderous lies against the vote tabulation machine company, earning the network a lawsuit for more than a billion dollars. Although it wouldn’t be the first time the network was sued for lying, the amount alone would be unprecedented.

‘On Friday, Fox News was hit with a $1.6 billion lawsuit. “Fox News Media is proud of our 2020 election coverage, which stands in the highest tradition of American journalism, and will vigorously defend against this baseless lawsuit in court,” a statement from the company said.

‘Other conservative media outlets including Newsmax and One American News Network—also aired post election conspiracy theories and are among the top targets for Dominion’s next round of lawsuits, according to two people familiar with the matter.’


Trump’s former TV lawyers, including the “Kraken” lady Sydney Powell, will also face lawsuits for saying things like that the company was “founded by foreign oligarchs and dictators to ensure computerized ballot-stuffing and vote manipulation,” which is apparently not the case. Powell, Giuliani, and Wood will finally face consequences for lying to the American people, creating division and inspiring an insurrection.

‘Some of the targets or potential targets of Dominion’s legal wrath have run for cover, or even resorted to deleting articles or covering their tracks. Others have remained reliably defiant, claiming that a court battle and the discovery that comes with it would lead to humiliation for Dominion instead.’