Biden Pushes GOP Aside And Halts Student Loan Interest Payments


We thought that we hired a nice, compassionate old guy to replace the odious and truly repugnant previous White House resident. As it turns out, this mild-mannered guy has a core of steel. It feels so good to have President Joe Biden in the White House sending us $1400 checks. He already told Russian President Vladimir Putin what he can do. It seems that President Biden is a superhero surprise. So who is this masked man?

The energetic 78-year-old is turning out to be a finely honed government machine. He uses his three and one-half-plus decades as a senator and eight years as President Barback Obama’s vice president to mold himself into a man who knows how to make things happen.

He is orchestrating Americans receiving three million coronavirus vaccines — every day for the past four days. And he smacked Donald Trump’s greedy hands away from the meager incomes of people who have disabilities.

Then, he turns to his extremely qualified team and tells them to “make it so.” Just Tuesday, President Biden put an “interest pause” on student loans, according to Reuters. His administration is expanding all loan interest and collection for over one million people who have defaulted on their student loans, according to his impressive Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

This even covers collections on loans made by private banks under the Federal Family Education Loan program. By doing so, the Biden Administration protects the tax refunds of all those Americans.

Psaki said:

‘We are still taking a closer look at our options on student loans. This includes examining the authorities we have, the existing loan forgiveness programs that are clearly not working as well as they should.’

Democratic senators want President Biden to go even further, according to CNBC.

‘Twenty-one Senate Democrats led by Ron Wyden are pushing President Joe Biden to include recurring direct payments and an extension of jobless benefits in his economic recovery plan.’

And, as it turns out, President Biden is not allergic to kryptonite.

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