Buttigieg Rolls Over Fox News Host During Brilliant Appearance


President Joe Biden does not do things in a small way. He knows that in order to bring back the middle and working classes, he will have to awaken the great machine that has stood silent for decades. Republican legislators refused to maintain the nation’s infrastructure, letting the U.S. to fall into decay and disarray. Instead, they siphoned off every nickel for big business. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan will transition back the economy where it belongs, focused on the American people and their greatest suit, ingenuity.

Hosts Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer, could not have looked forward to their interview with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg if past interviews were any measure of things to come. The secretary has been airing President Biden’s two-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

Hemmer commented on “$650 billion developed to electric grid improvements, broadband internet access, and water systems and $174 billion to spur development and sales of electric vehicles.” Then, he exclaimed that only 5.6 percent went to roads and bridges:

‘We crunched the numbers and we’ve found that 5.5 percent — well 5.6 percent — of the $2 trillion proposal is only dedicated to roads and bridges. Why is that?’

Buttigieg exclaimed that transportation and infrastructure were broader than people thought. President Biden was introducing a huge jobs bill:

‘Well, we’re talking about roads and bridges, we’re talking about rails and transit, we’re talking about airports and ports. As you mentioned, we’re talking about things like the grid. I don’t know why anybody would say that it’s a mistake to invest in the grid after what we just witness in Texas.’

Buttigieg added that infrastructure was more than highways and bridges. It included broadband internet that will reach into rural parts of the country, where people have just been out of luck:

‘Good infrastructure planning is always about looking to the future. You know, railroads were not a part of infrastructure until we built them.’

‘And I’m sure in the Eisenhower era they weren’t thinking about things like broadband, they were still working on electrification which would have sounded newfangled in its time. Now it’s time to prepare for the future.’

Then, Perino took a swing at the secretary. She said that President Obama had not come up with “shovel-ready” jobs. She asked Buttigieg:

‘If this bill does pass, when do you think those jobs would materialize?’

After Perino had played a clip of a coal miner talking about losing his job and being afraid he could not find a new one, Buttigieg was ready for the question:

‘Well as you know that’s a great example Coal jobs went down under the Trump administration. We have got to have a better plan for the future of coal communities and this president has directed us to be very intentional about that.’

Republicans have been crying out for how everything would get paid. The secretary said the bill makes certain skilled workers had jobs during the transition. Then, there were the jobs such as those in the automotive sector for electric vehicles. He said, according to LGBTQ Nation:

‘Right now we have got to make sure that we are making smart investments for the future. What’s abundantly clear is that this policy we’ve had in the past of shortchanging our infrastructure, that’s catching up to us.’

‘Any time your car hits a hole in the road, you’re paying for that. Any time a bridge collapses in America, we’re all paying for that. We can invest now or pay the price later. I’d rather invest now.’

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