Plane Flies ‘Matt Gaetz For Prison’ Banner Celebrating Easter


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who is under federal investigation over issues including possible child sex trafficking and possibly paying women for sex (in possible violation of federal anti-prostitution provisions), was the target of a flying protest banner in his home state over the weekend. “Remove Ron,” a Florida-based political action committee targeting the state’s controversial Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, shared a photo of a banner that it said it was flying in the state on Sunday.

Alongside a reference to the group’s website, the banner said:

‘Matt Gaetz for Prison’

Check out an image below:

Gaetz could end up behind bars. A recent report from the Daily Mail claimed that the Congressman’s arrest is “imminent” in the wake of revelations to authorities about his involvement in criminal activity from Joel Greenberg, an ex-tax collector for Seminole County, Florida, who’s in jail awaiting trial on charges including child sex trafficking. According to a source for the Mail, Greenberg — whose connection with Gaetz goes back years — has been “singing to the feds.” The publication also reported that an apparent victim of Gaetz “testified before a Florida grand jury… saying she had sex with the conservative Republican before she turned 18.”

Gaetz has claimed that the allegations against him are part of some kind of extortion plot targeting his family, but besides the fact that it’s unclear how real that this supposed extortion plot actually is, by Gaetz’s own telling, the supposed scheme got going well after the federal investigation began. Thus, the issues appear to be, at their core, completely separate, assuming that an actually verifiable extortion plot targeting the Gaetzs even exists at all. Notably, besides sparse words of support from a couple — just a couple — of his House Republican colleagues, Gaetz hasn’t exactly garnered an outpouring of support from the GOP.