Schumer Schools GOP Again With Power Move To Bypass Filibuster


In most cases, the Senate needs a vote of at least 60 members to pass. When a bill is passed through budget resolution, however, the filibuster rule that allow Republicans to block everything Democrats want to do can be bypassed. Biden’s new plan for expanded infrastructure spending, infrastructure that will not only improve America’s roadways, bridges, and much, much more, but will bring good, well-paying jobs to cities all over the country, has been determined by the Senate parliamentarian to be eligible to pass as part of a budget resolution bill, meaning only the 50 Democrats in the Senate are needed.

Biden’s infrastructure plan has widespread support among the American public as well as Democratic lawmakers. Republicans have falsely claimed that only five to seven percent of the package would be spent on actual infrastructure, while Fareed Zakaria writes that the plan is not only great for the country, but desperately needed at this time in our economy.

‘Biden’s plan harks back to the New Deal. During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built or improved almost 1,000 airports, creating the backbone of the modern airline industry. The president’s proposal will help create a modern electric vehicle system by funding a network of 500,000 chargers. The 1936 Rural Electrification Actbrought electricity to rural areas. Biden proposes doing the same with high-speed Internet, which he argues is the equivalent in today’s economy. The New Deal was bigger (relative to the size of the economy at the time), but it is the only valid comparison with what the Biden administration is proposing.’

The GOP, who has suddenly found their concern over the nation’s debt, say the plan will cost too much, but investing in infrastructure and in the American people during an economic downturn caused by COVID-19 is the best way for our economy to rebound and the people to benefit. More earnings for hard-working Americans means more money flowing into our economy.

‘The United States used to spend as much as 3 percent of its gross domestic product on transportation and water infrastructure; that number is now closer to 2 percent. The United States used to be the world’s unquestioned leader in basic science and technology. China is now almost on par with it.’

Just as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal rescued the country following the Great Depression, experts say that Biden’s plan would bring about massive and very necessary change, as well. With honesty and transparency, the American public should see some progress and some understanding of how their taxes are being used to benefit them.

‘Where the spirit of the New Deal is sorely needed today is in the cost, efficiency and transparency of these kinds of projects.’