Trump Loving Insurrectionist Arrested For Assault On Capitol Police


January 6 an American president in office tried to overthrow our government and turn it into a dictatorship, as they say, allegedly. But will anyone pay for this traumatic event?  The insurrection is deeply etched into our history and can never be exorcised, regardless of the ineffective darts of lies that this former president and his minions throw at it. But we want justice.

Christopher Joseph Quaglin of New Jersey was there at the Capitol Building that fateful day:

‘[Authorities accused him] of allegedly assaulting multiple law enforcement officials and spraying a chemical irritant at officers.’

FBI agents found Quaglin Wednesday and arrested him. Then, they charged him with “assaulting, resisting or impeding officers, civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding.” According to an FBI agent in the Department of Justice (DOJ) affidavit:

‘[t]he man can be seen repeatedly assaulting multiple law enforcement officers guarding the Capitol.’

When we look at the security tapes, Quaglin appeared among the rioters in a “Make America Great Again,” shirt in patriotic red, white, and blue. He wore a “black helmet and a gas mask.”

Officials also claimed that Quaglin yelled at a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer:

‘You don’t want this fight. You do not want this f—— fight. You are on the wrong f—— side. You’re going to bring a f—— pistol, I’m going to bring a f—— cannon. You wait! Stay there like a f—— sheep.’

The FBI also identified Quaglin in video footage inside the Capitol during the riot as the mob hunted for humans, specifically our lawmakers. We can hear them chanting about former Vice President Mike Pence:

‘Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!’

The insurrectionist “can be seen on video attacking officers per the affidavit:

‘[W]ith a stolen riot shield and spraying them with a chemical irritant.  A chemical irritant directly into the face of an MPD Officer, who does not have a face shield or gas mask protecting him.’

Once again, Quaglin appeared on surveillance video. At that time, he was holding one police officer “by the neck” as he pushed and shoved several other officers. The video seemingly showed him “physically strike” a Capitol Police officer. He also lunged at one of the officers who was involved in trying to help form a barrier between the officers and the revered symbol of our nation.

The affidavit revealed that the DOJ received a tip from an anonymous source. It identified the man in question taking several “selfie-style” Facebook videos. The name on his account was “Chris Trump.”

One of the videos appeared to have been filmed after the riot when Quaglin returned to a hotel room:

‘When you guys see the footage, I was the guy in the red, white and blue hoodie and the black helmet … I’m absolutely on a loop on Fox News … I got punched pretty good. … It was a great time, I got bumps and bruises.’

A different video showed the man shirtless. The affidavit wrote that he narrated it as he was “cooking a steak in his shower:”

‘I’m exhausted, I’ve been pepper sprayed like twenty f—— times. I’m sure I’m going to make the news.’

Five people died as a result of the January 6 attack. One of those was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. Thus far, hundreds of individuals have been charged in the case.

Donald Trump invited the mob to the nation’s Capitol. He revved his followers up in a fiery speech and pointed the verbally hopped-up mob at the Capitol Building, telling them that he would lead them.

Of course, he lied. Instead, he avidly watched his followers mob the building on television. Trump wanted them to interrupt Congress and keep the legislators from certifying that President Biden had won the Electoral College. He wanted that prize for himself. At any cost.

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