GOP Terrified As Large Majority Of America Supports Infrastructure Bill


Key components of President Joe Biden’s agenda enjoy relatively high levels of support in a new set of poll results from Morning Consult. The firm found that 65 percent of overall voters said that they’re in favor of paying for Biden’s proposed infrastructure spending package with 15 years of increased taxes for corporations. Only 21 percent of overall respondents indicated opposition to the proposed tax increases. A full 42 percent of Republican respondents were among those who offered support for the tax increases, with 47 percent of Republicans in opposition.

When asked whether they would prefer sticking to infrastructure spending that can be done without corporate tax increases or still going for the corporate tax hikes, a full 53 percent of overall respondents supported still passing the increases, while just 29 percent of overall respondents replied that they were in favor of moving forward on what can be done without raising taxes. Among Republicans, 47 percent of overall respondents supported passing the spending without higher taxes for corporations — but even when offered an out, 33 percent of Republican respondents still supported the proposed tax hikes. That’s in stark contrast to the total opposition among Republican members of Congress.

Meanwhile, according to Morning Consult, “When taxes and other potential funding sources aren’t mentioned, Biden’s infrastructure plan enjoys the support of 60 percent of voters, including 84 percent of Democrats, 51 percent of independents and 35 percent of Republicans.” Ex-President Donald Trump, who left office with the average approval of under 40 percent of Americans, could likely only ever dream of these levels of support among the general public and adherents of his main opposition party. While in office, he certainly did not work to extend any olive branches to his political opponents — instead, he largely occupied himself with pathetic Twitter outbursts.

Biden’s COVID-19 economic relief package has also enjoyed high levels of support — in polling, overall approval for the measure has repeatedly hit 70 percent. These high levels of support for key initiatives from the Biden administration could help propel Democrats to new rounds of victories in the 2022 midterm elections, allowing a continuance of current work on behalf of the American people. Democrats have possible Senate seat pick-up opportunities in states including Pennsylvania and North Carolina, where Republican incumbents who’d be on the ballot in 2022 have announced their retirements.