Chris Wallace Calls Out TX Governor’s Trump Hypocrisy On ‘Fox Sunday’


They hid massive problems behind a curtain of whispers. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) was no exception to protecting the ex-president from damaging news. Even if he had to condone a terrible crime with his own silence, he would.

Abbott appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace Sunday. During the show, the governor suggested the possibility that Vice President Kamala Harris might not want her ‘fingerprints’ on the border crisis. That was when the veteran TV host called the governor out on what he had done.

Wallace noted that the governor had used migrant abuse as one of his top talking points as soon as Democratic President Joe Biden came into office. The host shone a bright light onto Abbott’s hypocricy:

‘[Abbott acts] like he cares about children for “political reasons.”‘

Then, Wallace continued:

‘You made news this week reporting that there are cases of sexual abuse at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas that houses more than 1,600 children.’

Then, the Fox News host continued:

‘Governor, there were thousands of complaints of sexual abuse at migrant shelters during the Trump years. Not to say what’s going on now is right but we couldn’t find one instance of you complaining and calling that out when President Trump was president.’

The governor gave his weasel-worded response:

‘Sure. There are multiple differences between what happened in the Trump administration and what is happening now.’

The governor continued with his excuse, saying that he felt no need to blow the whistle about minors being sexually abused under Trump. The reason was that he said he was in “constant communication” with the White House:

‘We have a duty to respond to any complaint about child sexual abuse in Texas as well as to investigate it.’

Representative Joaquin Castro and other Texas lawmakers believed Texas Governor Greg Abbott was inappropriately making allegations of border sexual abuse, understaffing, and COVID-19-related worries at the Freeman Coliseum shelter for unaccompanied children.

You see, the governor recently held a press conference to air those allegations. He noted that these complaints were reported to both the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Texas lawmakers who toured the facility said they observed appropriate numbers of staff and volunteers where 1,900 unaccompanied minors were housed. Nothing confirmed Abbott’s claims.

Representative Joaquin Castro (R-TX) said if the governor’s allegations were true, Abbott has the responsibility to investigate, too, KSAT reported:

‘Governor Abbott made the allegations without ever going inside and visiting with the kids. The governor didn’t have the care to look these people in the face, in the eye, to see who they are and what they’re about.  That’s a special kind of cowardice.’

‘His intent was to drop a political bomb. He’s trying to use the issue of immigration as a wedge issue. The governor doesn’t care about these kids. He wants to send them back where they came from.’

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