Acosta Clowns On ‘Grievance Groundhog Day Loser’ Trump


While ex-President Donald Trump was still in office, he repeatedly singled out CNN’s Jim Acosta for antagonism among the large pantheon of journalists who he hated. Now, Trump lost his job (as president), but Acosta is still reporting at CNN. This past Saturday, Trump delivered a keynote address as part of a retreat for Republican donors in Florida, where he furiously went after a slew of top Republicans, from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to ex-Vice President Mike Pence, and on CNN, Acosta subsequently observed that Trump “gets up every day, gripes about the election, then wakes up the next day still a loser.”

As Acosta memorably put it:

‘For Donald Trump, every day is kind of a grievance groundhog day. It seems he gets up every day, gripes about the election, then wakes up the next day still a loser. After airing complaints about the election in his Easter message and at a recent wedding toast, Trump kept up the theme at an RNC donor retreat last night. According to a person in the room, he called the results BS, slammed his own vice president for certifying them and then said, and this is a direct quote… ‘if that were Schumer instead of that dumb son of a bitch Mitch McConnell they would never have allowed it to happen.’ End quote. That is the former President of the United States. The comments, by the way, were met with applause. What a retreat, indeed.’

Check out Acosta’s comments below:

Since leaving the White House, Trump has continued to insist that he was the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election. Sure, no court anywhere in the country has ever even partially accepted the idea, and sure, every single state has long since certified its results as accurate, and sure, the transition process across every level of the federal government under the auspices of any given presidential administration has long since played out — but these facts aren’t stopping Trump! At this point, he seems likely to never abandon the only increasingly unhinged idea that he was the rightful winner.

Trump’s insistence on belittling top members of his own party could signify growing infighting problems for the GOP. Trump has, to this point, refused to commit one way or another on the question of whether he will run for president in 2024, so depending on how long he holds out on making a decision, that could be a problem holding the impending GOP presidential primary race in limbo. Trump also has a formidable fundraising operation at his Save America political action committee, where he’s brought in millions of dollars to support his aspirations — whether or not those aspirations line up with the main arms of the Republican Party.