U.S. Auto Manufacturers Put GOP On Notice Over Vote Suppression


Right now, people in and out of Congress have two choices, democracy or the Grand Old Party (GOP). When states fight against the people’s right to vote, they are fighting against the very foundation of our democracy. The Republican Party may have lost its way, but corporate America has not.

Senate Minority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) insulted some of his biggest donors when he warned big business to stay out of politics. He quickly realized his mistake and told them it was okay for them to donate, though. In other words, give him your money and shut up.

Automotive giants General Motors (GM) and Ford have joined other major Michigan businesses such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Quicken Loans to release a joint statement on the proposed bill, according to The Detroit Free Press:

‘We represent Michigan’s largest companies, many of which operate on a national basis. We feel a responsibility to add our voice as changes are proposed to voting laws in Michigan and other states.’

Over 100 major corporations headquartered in the United States joined an internet call this weekend to suss out solutions. Only a dozen had been expected. What McConnell did not understand about business was that they have two loyalties, their employees and their consumers. We are also finding that although not as common as in years past, these companies do have a sense of national patriotism.

The statement continued, The Hamodia reported:

‘Government must support equitable access to the ballot to ensure that all eligible voters can exercise their rights.’

‘Government must avoid actions that reduce participation in elections — particularly among historically disenfranchised communities, persons with disabilities, older adults, racial minorities and low-income voters.’

The newly proposed Michigan bill required absentee voters to make a copy of their IDs and mail it in along with their ballot request. It also called for fewer days to return any absentee ballots and forbids clerks from using envelopes with prepaid postage for those ballots.

Republicans legislators have been against the bill, because they claim it would broaden voter opportunities. The more people who vote, the smaller the likelihood that Republicans would win.

At the state level, Democrats have been considering the possible implementation of a “separate voter initiative” to cover that eventuality.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) will probably refuse to sign any bill. However, state Republicans indicated they intend to circumvent her with a petition initiative that would pass the legislation.

Georgia just faced a serious hit to its economy when big entities either pulled out, such as the MLB All-Star game, or like actor Will Smith pulled his next movie production. Corporations continued to put pressure on its lawmakers. Unfortunately, these actions came too late. The bill had already passed.

Republicans have set up committee hearings regarding the package of 39 bills this week. Michigan state senators will begin considerations of it Wednesday.

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