Ted Nugent Falls Deathly Sick From COVID Days After Calling It ‘Hoax’


Does it make any sense for Republican legislators to tell the Donald Trump Party supporters to go maskless, call the COVID-19 “fake,” and refuse vaccinations? Will they not, in essence, be killing off their own voter base? Coronavirus cases are back to pre-vaccination era heights in a number of states. After all that, the “fake” virus bug just came out and bit anti-vaxxer/musician Ted Nugent where it hurts the most.

The Daily Beast reported that the controversial right-wing singer called the pandemic a “scam.” He also called those who wore masks “sheep.” In his Facebook Live stream posted Monday, Nugent had to admit that he tested positive for coronavirus, The NME reported:

‘Everybody told me that I should not announce this.’

Then, Nugent started whining like a baby, saying “I thought I was dying:”

‘I have had flu symptoms for the last ten days. I thought I was dying. Just a clusterfuck. I was tested positive today. I got the Chinese shit. I’ve got a stuffed up head, body aches.’

With coronavirus cases rising in Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and California, according to the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), the singer described how he felt:

‘My God, what a pain in the ass. I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days… So I was officially tested positive for COVID-19 today.’

Nugent has been claiming that the real CDC death numbers were far higher than the actual death toll. Guess he must be eating those numbers about now. He called it “Bullshit:”

‘They claim five hundred thousand people have died from COVID-19. Bullshit. I believe that medical examiners in all 50 states have gone, “I put down on the death certificate that he died of asphyxiation, but they made me put COVID.”‘

‘Well, this guy was stabbed to death, but they made me put down COVID. “This guy was run over by a tandem gravel truck doing a four-wheel drift and the crows be pecking at your flesh, but they made me put down COVID-19.”‘

Nugent had boasted that he would refuse the COVID-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, his not buying into the coronavirus vaccine may have caused incalculable pain and suffering to others of his ilk. The original anti-vax movement was based upon a Russian disinformation campaign’s claims and started a whole ignorant movement. Nugent continued, claiming that the coronavirus was “not a real pandemic:”

‘A vaccine that was authorised in four months compared to every other vaccine that took years of adequate testing. Have you seen what’s in it?’

Earlier, Nugent answered those who called him a racist. He responded that he was “the anti-racist:”

‘If you find somebody who calls Ted Nugent a racist, you are looking at a subhuman piece of shit who lives a lie.’

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