Democrats Dominate Fundraising Fight Again With Massive New Totals


The Democrats are on a roll. They have been hauling in the money. That is good news, especially since they are out-earning the Republicans. Unfortunately, there is a downside for them.

This is the second straight month that the Democrats’ Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) left the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) in the dust.

The Democrats’ Senate Campaign arm raised nearly $9.3 million in March and has over $13 million on hand as per their monthly financial report.

The DSCC’s March fundraising brought its total quarterly haul to roughly $22.7 million, according to data provided exclusively to Axios:

‘A DSCC aide said last month was the committee’s best-ever showing in March of an election cycle off-year, and its best-ever off-year month for grassroots fundraising.’

Politico reported how much the National Republican Senatorial Committee brought in for the party:

‘The National Republican Senatorial Committee raised about a million less during March. But it had a slight edge in first-quarter fundraising, with just over $23 million.’

Executive Director of the DSCC, Christie Roberts, released a statement on the Democrats numbers, calling them “Record-breaking:”

‘The DSCC’s record-breaking fundraising reflects the strength of our grassroots support and is powered by Americans across the country who understand the importance of protecting and expanding Democrats’ Senate majority.’

The DSCC had more money than the NRSC. On the other hand, the Democrats had much more debt. A DSCC aide said:

‘the committee paid down $3 million of an outstanding $18 million loan last month. The remaining $15 million is due by June 2022.’

That debt is the real kicker:

‘The NRSC, meanwhile, paid off its remaining $5.4 million in debt last month.’

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