Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Expulsion From Congress Over ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Caucus Proposed


QAnon Representative Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the one who chased high school shooting victims down D.C. streets, condemned Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), 82). Greene’s beef with the representative was for supporting the crowds awaiting the Derek Chauvin trial verdict. Waters urged them to be “more confrontational,” The Mercury News reported. Waters said she was referring to legislatively. Greene said “Off with her head.” Oh wait, that is wrong. She said: “Expel her.”

Representative Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) spoke to The Forbes magazine noting that he intended to try to move forward his resolution to expel Representative Greene from Congress. The Georgia representative has already had her committees pulled from her. She even tried to carry a gun onto the House floor by going around the metal detector, then handing it off to another representative. After that, with all her free time, the woman who leads with her face tried to get an America First Caucus started.

Gomez said his March resolution was ready for a vote on the floor, according to He indicated:

‘[I am] still waiting for more support [and will bring it to the floor] when the time is right.’

The California congressman only has three additional cosponsors for his resolution at this time, for a total of 75. Gomez condemned Greene’s attempts to form a new ultra-right-wing caucus. It was described as:

‘[Her] Anglo-Saxon political traditions [and] progeny of European architecture offended quite a number [of lawmakers and could’ propel [his effort to expel Greene] forward.’

‘We’re gonna try to use that as a way to get more people [primarily Greene’alleged part to] instigate the Jan. 6 insurrection.’

Spokesperson for Greene, Nick Dyer, referred reporters to her appearance in March on Newsmax and indicated:

‘[She] did nothing wrong [and said] my district would just reelect me and send me back, so their efforts will fail.’


Spokesperson for Gomes, Eric Harris, told Forbes about Greene’s prior internet posts advocated violence, which were the kernel of his efforts:

‘Every day that Rep. Greene is in office represents a threat to the very people who have been charged with keeping our democracy running.’

Seventy Republicans would need to vote for the longshot resolution to expel Greene. None had sponsored Gomez’s resolution yet.

His resolution was in the House Ethics Committee, but may die there:

‘[The committee was] unlikely to advance it in part due to its even number of Democrats and Republicans. However, Gomez’s office says he can raise the resolution as a question of privilege, due to it being about the conduct of a member, in order to force a vote on the House floor.’


Harry Truman professor of history at Brandeis University, Leah Wright Rigueur advised, as KTLA reported:

‘People are concentrating their fire on Maxine Waters in a moment where a police officer is on trial for murdering a man. They’re calling for law and order. but the whole idea of what people are rebelling against — and historically have rebelled against — is the idea of law and order when it is applied unfairly and unjustly.’

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