Latest 2020 State Election Audit Confirms That Trump Got Whooped


It can be very difficult to be a Republican legislator in the state of Nevada, or more accurately, members of their staffs. The GOP there insisted that they get the state’s ballots to investigate for possible election fraud. The Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske sent a letter to Nevada GOP with surprising results about the 2020 election.

CNN reported that it read:

‘And while the NVGOP raises policy concerns about the integrity of mail-in voting, automatic voter registration, and same-day voter registration, these concerns do not amount to evidentiary support for the contention that the 2020 general election was plagued by widespread voter fraud.’

Cegavske wrote a letter to the elections staff. She wrote:

‘[The] elections staff had inventoried and labeled four boxes of materials that had been delivered to the state Capitol on March 4 — and then to her office — and had investigated the accompanying allegations of voter fraud.’

WCAX wrote about Cegavske’s experience when Nevada’s Republican Party censured her, because they did not like the results of her voter fraud investigation in the 2020 election.

Cegavske has been in charge of Nevada elections since 2014. She said:

‘[The results of Nevada’s electoral votes are] as reliable and accurate despite attacks from former President Donald Trump and other Republicans.’

Trump futilely tried to pressure Nevada officials to give him their electoral vote. President Joe Biden defeated him by 2 percentage points or nearly 34,000 votes.

Cegavske claimed her office found no “evidentiary support” that there was ranging voter fraud in the 2020 election:

 ‘[no] “evidentiary support” for its allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.’

The Republican leadership in Nevada filed nearly 4,000 complaints about noncitizens voting and megaphoned Trump’s voting conspiracy theories. In spite of that large number, the investigation found:

‘[T]he U.S. Supreme Court, as well as U.S. Courts of Appeal in the Ninth Circuit and elsewhere, have ruled that election officials cannot lawfully require documentary proof of citizenship as a condition of voter registration. Nevada law is consistent with federal law in this regard.’

Cegavske rebuked her censure and the unfounded allegations that fueled it in a statement, asserting:

‘My job is to carry out the duties of my office as enacted by the Nevada Legislature, not carry water for the state GOP or put my thumb on the scale of democracy.’

‘Unfortunately, members of my own party continue to believe the 2020 general election was wrought with fraud — and that somehow I had a part in it — despite a complete lack of evidence to support that belief.’

One complaint against one member of the Nevada Native Vote Project was investigated for violating the law by paying in some manner for a vote. In addition, there were 10 cases of dead people voting, according to KTNV. Another 10 double-voted. That was out of 18,314 Republican complaints.

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