Trump Embarrassed In Florida By Local Ad Calling Him Old & Impotent


The Lincoln Project just released a powerful ad that hits Donald Trump right where it hurts the most, in his ego. Its members work their words into the consciousness of the former White House resident where they act like parasitic worms, burying deeper and deeper. This talented group is committed to taking elections away from this bizarre Frankenstein of a Republican party.

This group, comprised of a deep rich pool of intelligent former and agnostical Republicans, has the chops to make that happen. They have taken a page from the party, and they are using that brainpower to divide the so-called Republican party.

The Lincoln Project launched an ad buy targeted directly at Donald Trump via the window to his soul, his television set, playing in the place he lives, according to Florida

While this group has had its missteps, The Lincoln Project has come roaring back full force. Its latest ad trolls 45 with words such as “impotent.”

Surpringly enough, the Donald has been doing exactly what he did when he was in the White House, golfing and watching alt-right TV. The ad shows how the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been at the seat of power, while Trump is being forgotten and replaced.

The Lincoln Project also tells the ex-president that the self-described Grim Reaper from Kentucky was well on his way to building another Republican Party. And the ex was not invited.

Just as the New York City elite excluded the former president, much to his chagrin, McConnell has been doing the same. Former chief of staff to Grim, Josh Holmes, has hosted a conservative podcast now:

‘[And] acts like you (Trump) are a nobody and laughs about how Mitch ignores you.’

The Lincoln Project ad dug deeper. It claimed:

‘[N]ow everyone is saying you’re old, impotent, [and] an embarrassment.’

Presumably, the ad meant “lacking power,” but of course, the word has always been loaded. Then, it showed Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) presenting Trump with a “Dollar Store silver bowl,” a Trumped-up trophy:

‘And they will come to Mar-a-Lago, tricking you with cheap gifts, like a Dollar Store silver bowl. But in Washington, Mitch runs the party. You made the MAGA movement, Donald, and they are taking it all away from you while using your name to make money.’

Take a look at the Lincoln Project’s ad named “Truthless:”

The group has also added a podcast with this in mind:

‘Trump may be gone but American politics is still in crisis. The Lincoln Project has sparked a nationwide movement to restore our democracy. Our Lincoln Podcast 2.0 is hosted by co-founder Reed Galen and he is regularly joined by our political experts and guests that helped defeat Trump and continue the mission to stamp out Trumpism and the seditionists who backed him.’

‘The podcast discusses today’s political challenges, our vision for the future and how all Americans can be part of our pro-democracy movement.’

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