Trump Put Under Investigation Over 2020 Election Sabotage


A government watchdog group known as American Oversight has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice seeking records relating to “former President Donald Trump’s reported pressure on the DOJ to support […] his allies’ attempts overturn the 2020 presidential election results,” in the description of the organization. The lawsuit follows requests for documents that American Oversight filed under the Freedom of Information Act that went unfulfilled. They’re after communication records including conversations involving former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who took over during the end of the Trump administration after Bill Barr resigned.

Among other examples of then-President Trump’s pressure on the Justice Department to support his agenda, The New York Times said in January that Trump “pressed Mr. Rosen to appoint special counsels, including one who would look into Dominion Voting Systems, a maker of election equipment that Mr. Trump’s allies had falsely said was working with Venezuela to flip votes from Mr. Trump” to Joe Biden. No credible evidence of the allegation that Dominion fraudulently meddled in the election ever emerged, although at one point, Trump ludicrously claimed on Twitter that Dominion had “deleted” millions of votes in his favor from around the country.

Besides the pressure to appoint special counsels, Trump also “wanted the Justice Department to file legal briefs supporting his allies’ lawsuits seeking to overturn his election loss,” according to that same New York Times report, and the then-president pressured Rosen to that effect through means including an in-person meeting with Rosen the day after Barr’s impending departure from the Justice Department was publicly revealed last December.

The Justice Department largely declined Trump’s entreaties, but the then-president wasn’t the only one with proposals. In the description of the Times, Jeffrey Clark, who was an ally of the then-president at the department, wanted the department to hold a press conference “announcing that it was investigating serious accusations of election fraud,” although it was doing no such thing. Now, Trump is facing a criminal investigation from Atlanta-area District Attorney Fani Willis over his personal attempts to get Biden’s presidential election victory overturned in Georgia, which was one of the top targets for Republican lies about the 2020 presidential election.

Ultimately, not a single lawsuit that Trump backed in some capacity over the integrity of the 2020 election got anywhere meaningful in terms of actually proving the ex-president’s underlying claims. Even the Supreme Court, which at the time already had three of Trump’s nominees on the bench, rejected a Trump-backed lawsuit that sought the invalidation of four of Biden’s statewide wins.