Trump Devastated As Polls Show His GOP Support Collapsing


When Twitter cut off the ex-president from his tweet-fix, there was a moment of precious silence. Then, he weaseled himself in front of the television cameras doing a daily coronavirus briefing/Donald Trump Comedy Hour. Of course, he did not find anything funny about telling people to drink bleach and imagine their ultra-violet probe.

Formerly, presidents left gracefully. Naturally, Trump blundered about clinging to drapes of lawsuits then pulling them down. Then, he stumbled upon an insurrection to overthrow the government idea, but that failed, too. Months after the 2020 election, it appeared that his home in Mar-a-Lago has been, indeed, a long way from the spotlight. Odds are, he still wears pancake makeup, though.

An NBC News poll has just shown that Donald Trump has fallen in popularity. Only 44 percent of Republicans support the ex over the Republican party. That was down from the previous 50 percent.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) still kissed the Donald’s ring, though, according to The New York Times newspaper.

The poll also discovered that Trump had not had such low numbers since mid-summer 2019. This was the first time that the Grand Old Party (GOP) supporters rose to 50 percent.

However, a full 32 percent of adults still viewed Trump favorably. But that percent continued to freefall from 43 percent in November 2020.

Another poll found that whatever news media people took in had a significant impact on their political opinions. Only 21 percent of all adults surveyed had a “positive view” of 45. Those who watched conservative news channels brought that percentile up to 46.

The NBC News Poll interviewed 1,000 Americans between April 17-20 via cell phone. The margin of error was 3.1 +/- percentage points.

These are some of the poll’s other findings. The question was, how many had a “very positive” view of Trump:

  • ‘All adults: 21 percent.
  • Conservative media diet: 46 percent.
  • Liberal media diet (MSNBC, CNN): 8 percent.
  • Social media (how they get most of their news): 21 percent.
  • Print, broadcast TV, local news (no cable or social media): 11 percent.’

How many “strongly disapprove” of President Joe Biden

  • ‘All adults: 33 percent.
  • Conservative media diet: 62 percent.
  • Liberal media diet: 12 percent.
  • Social media: 29 percent.
  • Print, broadcast TV, local news: 27 percent.’

What was the most important issue?

  • ‘All adults: Coronavirus, 30 percent.
  • Conservative media diet: Border and immigration, 40 percent.
  • Liberal media diet: Coronavirus, 42 percent.
  • Social media: Coronavirus, 31% percent.
  • Print, broadcast TV, local news: Coronavirus, 34 percent.’

How many considered President Biden “very liberal:”

  • ‘All adults: 29 percent.
  • Conservative media diet: 54 percent.
  • Liberal media diet: 14 percent.
  • Social media: 31 percent.
  • Print, broadcast TV, local news: 20 percent.’

Those who viewed making sure that no one votes who was ineligible included:

  • ‘All adults: 38 percent.
  • Conservative media diet: 60 percent.
  • Liberal media diet: 20 percent.
  • Social media: 35 percent.
  • Print, broadcast TV, local news: 34 percent.’

The percent who refused the coronavirus vaccine:

  • ‘All adults: 12 percent.
  • Conservative media diet: 20 percent.
  • Liberal media diet: 4 percent.
  • Social media: 9 percent.
  • Print, broadcast TV, local news: 10 percent.’

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