Matt Gaetz Paid For Sex With Minor, According To Confession Letter: report


Over the past few recent weeks, two more criminals from the Donald Trump fan club have been under some pretty serious investigation by the Justice Department. Trump’s former TV attorney, Rudy Giuliani, saw his home raided by law enforcement and his electronic devices seized. Although he’s skipped the home raid, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also had his devices seized, none of which may actually be needed to indict him after a confession letter written by Gaetz’s friend, Joel Greenberg, was discovered.

Greenberg is a disgraced Florida tax assessor who abused government funds and is currently awaiting a trial for sex trafficking. Shortly before Donald Trump’s presidential term ended, Greenberg began to recognize how much trouble he was in and asked Trump associate Roger Stone for help securing a pardon. Stone told him to write up a “document” explaining the crime and his need, which Greenberg did in several drafts.

The letter was obtained by The Daily Beast. Speaking of a 17-year-old girl who was paid for sex with both Greenberg and Rep. Gaetz, he wrote:

‘On more than one occasion, this individual was involved in sexual activities with several of the other girls, the congressman from Florida’s 1st Congressional District and myself. From time to time, gas money or gifts, rent or partial tuition payments were made to several of these girls, including the individual who was not yet 18. I did see the acts occur firsthand and Venmo transactions, Cash App or other payments were made to these girls on behalf of the Congressman.’

Stone admits to discussing the pardon with Greenberg but says he did not attempt to approach Trump or ask for money in exchange for a pardon. All the messages between Stone and Greenberg were set to auto-delete in order to cover their tracks. However, Greenberg took screenshots of conversations between the two in which Stone told him that he wanted $250,000 if the pardon was secured.

In a text message to Greenberg on January 13, less than two weeks before Trump’s term ended, Stone said:

‘Today is the day. We will know by the end of the day. I think you sent me some document but it disappeared. I hope you are prepared to wire me $250,000 because I am feeling confident.’

Greenberg said in the confession letter that he had already informed his lawyers about Gaetz’s involvement, who encouraged him to use that information to reduce his own sentence for sex trafficking of a minor. Gaetz is accused of the same crime and if Greenberg’s claims can be proven in court, the penalty for that crime is stiff. Recent reports say that Greenberg is cooperating with investigators in order to save himself.

‘My lawyers that I fired, know the whole story about MG’s involvement. They know he paid me to pay the girls and that he and I both had sex with the girl who was underage. So naturally they think that is my golden ticket…And while I have not had any communication with MG, he absolutely has to know that the sex charge they hit me with would be what they would hit him with.’