Trump Reacts To Raid On Giuliani Like A Scared Old Man


The Feds raided former New York mayor and Donald Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani’s home and office early Wednesday morning. We are reminded of the aptly-named book by former Republican Rick Wilson when we think of Trump’s former fixer, the one he tries to keep at arm’s distance. Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever. This situation is bad for Giuliani.

The FBI was especially interested in Giuliani’s electronic devices. Do they consider him a Russian surrogate who interfered with American elections? Was he a Russian operative? Attorney General William Barr may be in the putrid mix as deeply as the ex-mayor. Certainly, the raid was about much more than a foreign service case.

The real question has been, if Giuliani is charged, will he flip on Trump? It appeared that Trump was trying to soothe his former attorney’s feathers when he told Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria host Maria Bartiromo:

‘Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot. He just loves this country, and they raid his apartment. It’s like so unfair and … it’s like a double standard like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before. It’s very, very unfair. Rudy is a patriot who loves this country.’

It was rare for the FBI to take a warrant out against an attorney, because it has to meet such a high bar. Even higher, when they factor in that he was the president’s attorney and likely acting on 45’s behalf, according to CNN.

The investigation appeared to cover whether Guiliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian oligarchs. The ex-president told Bartiromo:

‘I don’t know what they’re looking for or what they’re doing. They say it had to do with filings of various papers and lobbying files.’

‘Well, did Hunter [Biden] file? Did [President] Biden file? Because they did a lot of work with other countries. To the best of everyone’s knowledge, they didn’t file.’

Trump went on to claim that the current Department of Justice (DOJ) should be going after corruption in our nation. Ironic, is it not:

‘It’s a very, very unfair situation. It is so terrible when you see the things going on in our country with the corruption and the problems and then they go after Rudy Giuliani. It’s very said, actually.’

The ex claimed there was a double standard in how the current officials treated his administration versus how it treated Democrats. Any chance he was projecting?

Then, Trump tried to deflect by turning to former Secretary of State in President Barack Obama’s administration and current envoy for climate change under President Joe Biden, John Kerry:

‘It is incredible because you bring up John Kerry and the horrible thing that he did and was doing for a period of time.’

Kerry tweeted his denial, calling the former president’s allegations “unequivocally false:”

‘This never happened — either when I was Secretary of State or since.’

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