Approval Ratings For Kamala Harris Rocket Past Flailing GOP


As the Biden-Harris administration sails past its 100-day mark, CNN is reporting that Vice President Kamala Harris’s approval rating stands at 53 percent according to a new poll, meaning that 53 percent of respondents said that they approve of her job performance.

On a note similar to the consistently high job approval that President Joe Biden has received, Harris’s level of approval is substantially higher than the average level of approval that Trump had at the end of his term, according to FiveThirtyEight. That site’s weighted average had Trump with an average level of approval at under 40 percent when exiting office. Trump’s average approval level declined sharply following the January rioting, although it never even hit 50 percent at any point of his time in office, according to the weighted average from FiveThirtyEight.

Notably, CNN reports that there is a “stark gender gap” in views of Harris among poll respondents, ranging from the 58 percent of women who said that approve of Harris to the only 48 percent of men who said the same. Among Democrats and independents in particular, there’s also a slight gender gap in views of Harris — 94 percent of Democratic women said that they approve of Harris, while only 88 percent of Democratic men said the same. Meanwhile, 52 percent of independent women said that they approve of Harris, but only 46 percent of independent men offered the same perspective.

Since becoming vice president, Harris has been leading the Biden administration’s handling of southern border issues. After the Biden administration lifted a block on unaccompanied child migrants that the Trump administration had imposed under the guise of the pandemic, the number of children taken into federal custody at the border surged — and, no matter the consistent refusal from Republicans to meaningfully engage, the “number of kids in Border Patrol custody has dropped 82% in a month,” as summarized this week by immigration lawyer Aaron Recihlin-Melnick. The Biden-Harris team has “quietly been extremely effective… at getting kids out of Border Patrol custody,” Reichlin-Melnick added.

The relatively high popularity for Biden, Harris, and — in other polls — some of the administration’s key policies could help propel Democrats to a new round of victories in the 2020 midterms.