Biden Flies Past Sinking GOP In Latest National Approval Polling


People believe that President Joe Biden is a “normal, boring” president. Yet, he is far from it. Beneath that normal, boring exterior lurks the soul of a fearless, transformational president. That is President Biden’s advantage, though, and here is why.

Americans like their presidents to sound more like Uncle Joe than Moby The Dick. Certainly, President Biden’s sound and demeanor are that of our favorite uncle. He has common sense in the bucketfuls and honors our American troops. Maybe, people want patriotism, respect, and compassion over a White House with a “me-first” culture, “eat-your-young” war-like attitude, and a lizard-like approach to running the country.

Whatever we sense about our new leader, certainly it is good. Indeed, he brings us hope instead of an everyone-for-himself attitude. President Biden talks about us as if we really were family, and maybe he feels that way, too. Two new polls prove how Americans feel about their new president.

The ABC/Ipsos Poll interviewed 513 adults and almost two-thirds of them were optimistic. In fact, that was the most optimistic that we have been in the past 15 years (2006).

The Yahoo News and YouGoPoll, just released its latest poll on Friday. It considered President Biden’s first 100 days in office. Out of the 1,558 adults interviewed, 57 percent approved of how President Biden is handling the coronavirus pandemic. When the question of whether the sitting president’s performance was “better, worse, or the about same as what they expected,” the greatest percentage of them, 39 percent, said “better,” 28 percent said “similar,” and only a mere 24 percent said “worse.”

According to the Yahoo News poll, President Biden has been hauling in a 54 percent approval rating. The ex-president reached his all-time high just five days into office, 48 percent.

The country is impatient for President Biden to heal the country, after all, he has only been in office 102 days. There was 28 percent who believed the country was more divided than united, and 23 percent who did not.

The majority of both Democrats and Republicans favor bipartisanship, and President Biden favors it, too. Both parties also agree that Republicans in the leadership of the House and the Senate have not been doing enough to compromise. People are not nearly as dumb as the GOP gives them credit.

Over half of the interviewees believe Biden is doing the “right amount” to compromise, 39 percent say that he is doing “too little.”

President Biden said that he would “give it to you straight,” and “people can handle the truth” in innumerable speeches. He is the only president in decades to have had a child in the military. And he has had more than his share of tragedy losing his young wife and daughter as he entered the Senate. Then, he lost a son to brain cancer in 2015.

The 46th president came from humble beginnings, which builds character, and he is getting things done. Maybe all of these are what Americans like in their presidents.

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