Democrats Rally Past GOP With Record Breaking Fundraising Haul


American voters are very smart. In the 2020 election they cast out a man who not only wanted to be a dictator, he tried to overthrow our democracy. His campaign slogan was Make America Great Again, but people knew he did not produce. PBS has an interesting parallel show of how Germany lost its democracy in just four years. Another individual used the slogan, but as Make Germany Great Again. Americans did not fall for that line.

In fact, not only did they elect President Joe Biden, they helped him raise $15.4 million online in his first 100 days. The DNC raised more money during that timeframe than any other president, including President Barack Obama.

A committee spokesperson told The Hill that it raised $427,000 during those magical first days of the Obama administration and $4.7 million after the 2016 election.

In an exclusive, Axios reported on the DNC’s amazing fundraising numbers. More people decided to donate to the DNC, resulting in a 60 percent increase during President Biden’s beginning days.

The average donation to the DNC was $23 a person. It took a lot of $23 to make up that $15.4 million. The DNC said this about the average donation in the first 100 days:

‘[Donations were] further demonstrating strong enthusiasm for President Biden.’

After President Biden gave his first public address to a joint session of Congress, the DNC peaked at one of its top 10 fundraising days. Actually, the DNC’s donations increased six-fold the number of online donations between 8:00 pm and 12 am (EST) than the previous night. People in all 50 states donated to the party.

A senior DNC spokesperson said:

‘[O]rganic online contributions were up over 700% from the previous day before the speech.’

Another big day was after President Biden went to Georgia to thank them. It was for how they impacted his election, making it possible for him to hold not only the presidency but also the Senate and the House.

The DNC recently hired a group of experienced staffers to bolster it as the nation heads into the crucial 2022 midterm elections. State Republican legislators have been passing voter repression laws.

The RNC (Republican National Committee) announced that it raised $17.8 million in the month of March, for a total first quarter’s $44.4 million. Clearly, the DNC has its work cut out for it with the RNC’s dramatic fundraising effort, its third-best March in history.


NPR evaluated President Biden’s first 100 day’s accomplishments:

  • 200 million Americans had their first coronavirus vaccine, twice what President promised.
  • The economy has been rebounding and surpassing the last administration’s. Economists expect over six percent growth in 2021.
  • The president rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and hosted an environmental Climate World Summit.
  • He reversed Trump’s demolition of DACA and reunited thousands of the children who had been intentionally separated from their parents. At the same time, he has been bringing back care to the children crossing the border on their own.
  • The president passed a pandemic relief bill giving $1400 to every adult American.
  • He is on track to cut childhood poverty in America in half.

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