Feds Identify & Capture Trump Cult Member By Tracking His Google App


A disgraced government lawmaker who appeared at the Capitol Building on January 6 has been sitting in the bizarre “audit” in Arizona. A journalist photographed him counting ballots, ones that his name appeared upon.  What could go wrong? Well, for another man who appeared at January 6’s insurrection, things are getting really bad.

A La Crosse County, Wisconsin man has been apprehended by the FBI when the feds tracked him down using his mobile device’s Google app. It proved that he was inside of the Capitol during the attempted but narrowly failed coup.

The criminal complaint charged Abram Markofski with participating in the U.S. Capitol assault on that nefarious day, citing photos of him as proof.

Screen-Shot-2021-05-03-at-4.01.23-PM Feds Identify & Capture Trump Cult Member By Tracking His Google App Corruption Crime Featured Politics Terrorism

‘Photos from criminal complaint charging Abram Markofski in connection with the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.(Dept. of Justice).’

The suspect, Markofski, is one of two men the feds charged with breaching the Capitol Building as Congress was counting the electoral votes. A Dane County resident was also arrested for participating in the attack, Brandon Nelson, according to NBC affiliate WMTV.

Both are scheduled to be in a Madison U.S. District court on Monday.

The FBI’s criminal complaint described the details of both men’s arrest, Nelson and Markofski. The feds showed up at Google with a search warrant in hand. Then, with the Google information, they could look at the records of a mobile device connected to the Wisconsin man, placing him at the nation’s Capitol on January 6.

Screen-Shot-2021-05-03-at-4.01.06-PM Feds Identify & Capture Trump Cult Member By Tracking His Google App Corruption Crime Featured Politics Terrorism

‘Photos from criminal complaint allegedly showing Brandon Nelson (left) and Abram Markofski inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.(Dept. of Justice)’.

The way that the FBI tied Markofski to his mobile device was by taking his email address and matching it to a phone number linked to the man. Google’s data tracked where the device had been:

‘[He was] in areas that are at least partially within the U.S. Capitol Building between approximately 2:15 p.m. and 3:41 p.m.’

Markofski was also on the grounds of the Capitol that day. In addition, prosecutors said that this device also put him and Nelson on-site and linked to a photo that had been taken during those times.

The complaint went into detail about how Google found where the device was located, using GPS data and triangulating it with Wi-Fi access points and Bluetooth beacons. That gave “maps display radius” that was accurate to within less than 30 feet with an accuracy rate of 66 percent. GPS has been able to identify a location to within three feet since the 1980s when the SFBN railroad placed computers on their trains to prevent head-on collisions.

The feds found Nelson after FBI agents received a tip from a Nelson acquaintance that Markofski was also involved. The complaint read that both of them confessed to going inside of the Capitol Building after it had been breached.

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