‘MyPillow’ Guy Melts Down Over AZ Audit & Newsmax Retraction


Months after Joe Biden’s inauguration as president, MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is continuing to push the idea that there’s evidence just around the metaphorical corner that could prove the existence of election fraud that Trump and his allies have claimed swung the election. This week, Lindell claimed that there’d be a “court thing” imminently filed in Michigan that would, apparently, provide some of that elusive evidence for the imaginary fraud.

Lindell claimed that a “court thing” would soon emerge with apparent election fraud evidence while ranting against the recent decision by the far-right news outlet Newsmax to settle a defamation lawsuit from voting technology company executive Eric Coomer, who certain far-right figures alleged was involved in the imaginary election rigging. Newsmax published a statement on their website outlining how there was no evidence for the idea that Coomer was involved in any kind of election fraud.

Lindell had thoughts, angrily commenting as follows:

‘It’s one thing to settle, whatever that settlement was — but don’t say that there was no evidence, that there’s not evidence. We have worked long and hard on this.’

In subsequent remarks, Lindell cited an ongoing election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, which includes Phoenix, as though it’s about to produce evidence of fraud. In reality, the so-called audit is proceeding under the supervision of election conspiracists including GOP state Senators, and it’s not credible. Former Arizona state Rep. Anthony Kern, a Republican, is helping with the audit — and he was also milling around in the mob at the Capitol during the January rioting.

Meanwhile, Lindell added as follows:

‘They’re 100 percent wrong, so I want to call them out… Where are their facts? Newsmax — did you give in because you didn’t want to, because of this lawfare? Explain yourself, Chris Ruddy and Newsmax, because we have all the evidence that it 100 percent — my thing against… these lawsuits, that’s why MyPillow went on the offensive: We have all the evidence. I was ready the first day when I told them to sue me. Why would they do it? The timing is just very suspicious here, when you’ve got Maricopa County coming, and… I’m gonna tell you this — they’re gonna be very embarrassed at Newsmax. There’s a court thing getting filed in Michigan today, and it’s gonna be very embarrassing for Newsmax.’

Needless to say, there’s no indication of any imminent release of legitimate evidence of election fraud in Michigan. It’s been months without anything legitimate emerging. Check out Lindell’s comments below: