Documentation Of Trump Sex Tape Allegations Obtained By FBI


Former British spy Christopher Steele “produced a second dossier for the FBI on Donald Trump while he was in the White House,” according to a new report from the British outlet known as The Telegraph. Steele’s first known dossier contained a slew of allegations about ties to Russian interests on the part of former President Trump and his allies, and initial allegations included a claim that Russian authorities had a recording of Trump with a prostitute at a Moscow hotel. Steele’s second collection of Trump allegations “references claims regarding the existence of further sex tapes,” according to the Telegraph report.

The Telegraph “understands that Steele, through his company Orbis Business Intelligence, continued supplying raw intelligence to the federal authorities in the US” after the Trump presidential inauguration, as the publication explains. The outlet also observes that “Steeleā€™s continued involvement supplying intelligence to the FBI appears to give credibility to his original dossier.” Trump, of course, has denied the allegations contained in the original dossier, as he has denied numerous other allegations of misconduct. Besides the claims about additional sex tapes involving Trump, the second dossier from Steele also “contains raw intelligence that makes further claims of Russian meddling in the US election,” The Telegraph says.

Trump has never faced the personal consequences that some might have expected over his campaign’s Russian connections. Nevertheless, a slew of his associates have faced criminal charges in connection to the Russia investigation — although Trump issued presidential pardons for a selection of them before leaving office. Trump did eventually face serious personal consequences for another example of his overseas connections when the House impeached him on a charge of abuse of power over trying to bribe Ukraine into investigating the Bidens.

The effort by Trump’s inner circle to get damaging information on the Bidens out of Ukraine could soon culminate in criminal charges for longtime Trump ally Rudy Giuliani. Recently, federal authorities raided Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment and office as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into whether he conducted illegal covert lobbying on behalf of foreign interests. The suspicion is that when Giuliani pressured Trump to remove Marie Yovanovitch from her post as U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, he was ferrying the interests of Ukrainians who wanted her off the job.