Capitol Insurrectionist Arrested After Getting Outed By His Grandma


We all remember the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. Well, instead of finding a wolf beneath her hoodie, it appears that there is a grandmother in New Jersey who is a tipster beneath her hoodie. Check this out.

There were two grandmothers just visiting as grandmothers are wont to do. One of them said that her son had taken a trip to Washington, D.C. recently.

It seems he had taken a little jaunt last January, and yes, it was on January 6. She confided that he was one of the hundreds and hundreds who breached the Capitol Building, according to Donald Trump had revved up 8,000 of his closest followers that fateful day and sent them to overturn America’s democracy.

Later, Grandma told one of her computer-savvy grandchildren, as most of them are, where her son had gone on vacation. She added that he even took a tour of the Capitol Building. That grandkid contacted the FBI and spilled the beans.

A week afterward, the chatty grandmother’s grandkid called the FBI and relayed that Petrosh was, indeed, inside of the Capitol. The grandson also told the FBI that he had also heard the insurrectionist talking about the dastardly deed, but he did not have photos or videos placing the man there. The FBI said:

‘[Petrosh had been lying low following the arrests of other individuals who entered the U.S. Capitol building.’

Not low enough, however. The officials got a copy of the man’s driver’s license photo and matched him to a video of an individual inside of the Capitol Building. Then, his FBI officer acquaintance identified him, too.

The moral of this fairytale gone bad is the old saying:

‘Grandma, what big ears you have.’

Robert Petrosh Jr. of Mays Landing happened to be known to an FBI task force officer — for 15 years. Apparently, the rioter was a gardening enthusiast also. The two had worked together and even hung out at social gatherings. The officer IDed the South New Jersey man from a surveillance video that captured him.  And yes, Petrosh planted himself right where the Capitol Building’s interior video picked him up.

It seems, the FBI frequently hires local and state police on “a temporary basis or for a specific investigation.” Petrosh turned himself this week. He has been charged with numerous crimes during the attempted coup:

‘Petrosh is charged with entering or remaining in any restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building.’

He appeared in New Jersey federal court, and for some strange reason, the judge released him on an unsecured $50,000 appearance bond, according to The Daily Beast. In the event the guy has not flown the coop, he will appear in federal court in D.C. by means of Zoom.


New Jersey appears to be a haven for the Trump Party insurrectionists. Petrosh was the 20th one of them charged in the attempted coup.

His attorney did not want to speak to reporters about the case at this time.

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