Disgraced Trump Has Name Stripped From Prominent Condo Complex


A West Palm Beach development has now formally replaced Trump branding in its name, as outlined in a new report from The Palm Beach Post. Previously, the development was known as Trump Plaza, but residents have now opted to revert to the original name, The Plaza. According to condo association president Jeff Barr, “more than 67% of residents picked The Plaza in a vote tallied on Monday” putting a few options for the new name up for residents, as summarized by the Post. Residents originally voted in January to remove the Trump branding, but the new name was settled upon, as Barr mentioned, only this week.

Although Trump branding was present at the property up until recently, the former president abandoned the development in 1991. The branding, though, remained in place — until the controversy associated with Trump’s time as president continued to grow. In February of 2020, condo residents opted against replacing “Trump Plaza” signs that had been on top of the development before getting removed amid repairs. In June of last year, “Trump Plaza” signs that sat at the base of the development were removed. Residents finally voted to remove the Trump branding from the complex’s official name after the Trump-inspired rioting at the Capitol in January.

Notably, the condo board told residents in March of this year that they were “unanimous in support of changing our name.” Now, a “street-level sign bearing The Plaza name likely will be installed in the coming months,” the Post explains. Trump himself has been living in the area — after his departure from the White House, he has spent time at his nearby Mar-a-Lago resort. On a note similar to the Palm Beach-area change, two Manhattan condo developments have also opted to remove Trump branding from their buildings. Trumpism is — among large swathes of America — unpopular.

Trump made substantial quantities of cash off of his presidential role. The Washington Post reported in October of last year that Trump’s company had brought in at least $2.5 million in government funds through means like bills to the Secret Service associated with their protection of the now former president when he visited his own properties.