Sidney Powell Demanded To Pay $165k For Phony Election Challenge


Wisconsin state authorities are continuing to demand payment from far-right attorney Sidney Powell to cover the state’s legal fees associated with a lawsuit that she filed challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the state. Wisconsin wants Powell to produce $106,000 to cover the legal costs — and notably, they’re also seeking $145,000 in reimbursement from former President Donald Trump, whose team pushed their own separate election lawsuit in the state.

In Wisconsin and elsewhere, Powell claimed that systematic fraud was responsible for Joe Biden’s victory, but no legitimate evidence in support of this conspiracy theory ever emerged. Powell, however, has not acknowledged that her claims are unequivocally false, and in response to Wisconsin’s attempts to get her to cover the state’s legal fees associated with the lawsuit that she brought, she has turned to reiterating her original false claims about election fraud. She has claimed “that she shouldn’t have to pay any fees because her complaint was legitimate,” as Bloomberg summarized it.

In a new filing, Wisconsin authorities condemned Powell’s attempt to deflect from their demands for reimbursement. As the state’s new filing pointedly put it, their motion for reimbursement is not “a request for a guided tour through the scattershot of supposed evidence that they flung at the wall here, in the vain hope that something would stick, or even leave a mark.” In other words — now is not the time for Powell to yet again bring out her nonsensical claims about the election.

In their new filing, Wisconsin authorities also pointed out how, in response to a defamation lawsuit from the voting technology company Dominion Voting Systems, Powell has insisted that no “reasonable person” would have believed that her election conspiracy theories were conclusive “statements of fact,” although that’s pretty much exactly how she originally presented them.

In reference to the Wisconsin filing pointing out Powell’s defense in the Dominion case, Powell’s lawyer Howard Kleinhendler complained to Bloomberg that it’s “sad and disappointing to see the Governor of Wisconsin misrepresent the law in such a dishonest manner.” It’s amazing for Sidney Powell’s lawyer to accuse someone else of dishonesty, considering the election lies that Powell has spent months spreading.