Ron Johnson Says Incredibly Dumb Things During ‘Fox News Sunday’


During an appearance on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures over the weekend, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) — as could be expected — presented some dizzyingly nonsensical rhetoric. He claimed, for instance, that there could be “counterintelligence” and “extortion threats” against the Biden administration over the “foreign financial entanglements of… the Biden family.” Nevertheless, in stark contrast to the case of ex-President Donald Trump, whose many active business connections Republicans seemed eager to ignore, President Joe Biden has no documented personal business connections to “foreign” interests.

As Johnson put it, discussing the supposed connections issue:

‘I’m highly concerned… It’s just one of the reasons that Senator Grassley and I issued our report before the election, so the American people could understand these foreign financial entanglements of Hunter Biden and the Biden family and how that just might affect U.S. foreign policy. The counterintelligence threats, the extortion threats — we have no idea, none whatsoever… We do not have an unbiased media. We don’t have journalists anymore. For the most part, we have advocates, and they’re advocating for the extreme-left wing of the American political spectrum, and it’s really hurting this country. It’s very dangerous.’

Where was Johnson’s supposed concern about potentially corrupting business connections when Trump was in office? Trump never financially detached himself from his business in office, so interests seeking to garner favor with him could go to one of his properties anywhere in the world and directly financially support the then-president of the United States. There is no equivalent in the Biden era.

As other Republicans have done, Johnson also credited Trump with special personal responsibility for the development of COVID-19 vaccines, which — as before — is dubious.

Johnson said that Trump and a top health official “squeez[ed] all the economic inefficiencies out of” the vaccine development process. Is he able to explain what he actually means by that? There’s no giant red button to press that says “Tap Here to Squeeze All The Economic Inefficiencies Away!” It’s vapid rhetoric. While the Trump administration did provide financial support for the vaccine production process, that money didn’t somehow erase every prospective issue. Considering the fact that — in case Johnson forgot — the pandemic is global, the financial support was a very basic step that some other interest could have possibly easily handled in Trump’s absence.

As Johnson ignorantly put it:

‘President Biden used the COVID crisis to really gain the presidency, and again, the press was part and parcel of his entire campaign effort. I guess he just simply can’t admit that the reason we have all these vaccines is because of what President Trump and Secretary Azar did in terms of squeezing all the economic inefficiencies out of that vaccination process… The Trump administration did this in less than a year.’

Check out Johnson’s comments below: